Welcome to ANP 236: Peace and Justice

Welcome to ANP 236: Peace and Justice Studies (online).

My name is Devon Miller and I will be your instructor for this course. Below, I will be answering some important questions about this summer so please read everything carefully.

Do I have to come to campus? No.
This is an online course. There are no exams and you never have to come to campus. I live in Centerville, Michigan about two hours from MSU and will not be on campus. You do need to have a high-speed Internet connection and you must log into the course website at least once a day to check for announcements.

Is this class on D2L? Yes, and no.
The bulk of the class work is run through a WordPress site, but your grades (in the gradebook) are located on the D2L site.

How do I access the WordPress site?
You will receive an invitation to the site in your MSU email on July 1st, which includes the link.

The URL for the course on WordPress is: http://anthropology.msu.edu/anp236-us16

Please watch these tutorials BEFORE you visit the site so you know how to login and change your password (note that this year’s website will look different than the one in the video).



What is the username/password to watch this and other videos?
To watch this video and ALL OTHER online course videos, you will need to use the universal login information, do not post this password on the WordPress site.


Are there any textbooks for this class? No.
All of the readings/videos will be posted on the course website under the schedule tab for that week. Once you receive an invitation to the site, you will be able to access the “Introduction” unit which includes some quick videos as well as instructions for the first blog post assignment. Each Monday, I will release the new week’s materials under the schedule tab.

I’m confused or have special circumstances, who do I ask for help?
If you have any questions about the website or the course, you have a few ways to answer them. First, you can check the Announcements page for new information.  Secondly, you can ask your classmates in word press in comments under the Schedule section, using #HELP. Finally, you can use mill2000 in your weekly posts or comments to get my attention. Please do not email the entire class via D2L. If you need to email me directly at mill2000 [at] msu [dot] edu and make sure to write ANP 236 in the subject line, open with something like, “Hi, Devon,” and include your name and email address at the bottom.  You can see this information in more detail under Contact here on this site.

It’s after Tuesday, July 5th, and I did not receive an email invitation, what should I do? Remember, the invitation will be arriving in your MSU email so just in case, check junk mail folder. If you have not received an invitation to the course site by the end of the day on Tuesday, please send me an email and we will get it figured out. If you have your MSU email forwarded to your personal email account, make sure to check spam, Updates, Forums, etc. for the email first.

I received an invitation but now it says the link is expired, what should I do?
It is important that you click the link and set up your account within 48 hours, otherwise the invitation will expire. If this happens, send me an email and we will get it figured out.

There will not be any mass emails regarding this class. All announcements will be posted on the WordPress, so make sure you check it daily.

I am really excited about working with each of you this summer. See you online!