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Everyone should know of the complex, violent history between Israel and Gaza. It’s been a topic in world news for many years, and continuing to leave a bloody, traumatizing footprint on the world. On July 8th, 2014, Israel launched the next phase of its war against Hamas in Gaza. According to an online article, Israel’s Actions Against Palestinians Violate Human Rights, an estimated “1,400 Palestinians have been killed since,” and thousands more have accrued injuries as a result of such violence. According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights,  “civilian casualties account for 85% of all Palestinian deaths.”  A bone-chilling number of 25% of those lives that were taken so horrendously, were children. When we hear about those kinds of numbers, pertaining to civilian deaths, let alone child deaths, we know something is wrong. There are human rights not being upheld, protected and respected.

This article goes on to describe how there have been many takes and writings on why Israel had been taking such actions, basically attempting to back up their stance. The author even goes on to say that “if we were to call them what they truly are, the words crimes against humanity, apartheid and genocide would be in every story written, not just in the last few weeks, but since the establishment of Israel.” He then goes on to say that the campaign Israel had set against Gaza was  ” an obvious violation of the laws of war prohibiting the attack on civilian persons and objects and attacks where civilian casualties outweigh claimed military gains.” We’re informed that this is the reasoning the UN Commissioner of Human Rights referred the matter to the human rights council, with reason to believe that Israel was involved with committing war crimes.

However, we also must keep in mind the history of Israel’s relationship with Palestinians. From one view, one would say that what has been occurring in Gaza is not a deviation from what has been considered the norm in past years. The article states, “anyone with a basic knowledge of the history of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians knows that that definition [apartheid] rings remarkably true in this instance, in both the past and present.” The renowned Israeli writer, Ilan Pappe called it an “incremental genocide.”

It’s clear to see that any kind of human rights protection have not been adequately implemented for the people of Gaza, or most refugees that were trying to survive back then, and now. We can only hope that the situation gets contained or some solution is presented.


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  1. Blog Response 2A
    I agree with your blog that the Palestinian people deserve better protection of their human rights. The act of war is not supposed to include innocent civilians of the countries, when this happens it becomes a breach of human rights. Children especially should not be a causality of war, therefore an immediate increase in human rights for Palestinian children needs to be met as the current conditions for children is counter-productive to the ultimate goal of peace. The frequent imprisonment of 12-year old children can be seen as a catalyst for the conflict between the Israeli people and Palestinian people. The unfair detainment of the Palestinian youth creates fear, and distaste among the community that will only create future conflict. The human rights of the Palestinian community, especially the children, needs to be addressed in order for discussion regarding peace to progress. Restriction to human rights is a catalyst for conflict, and conflict can advance restriction to human rights, therefore the basic needs of the Palestinian community needs to be met so actions towards peace may continue.

    Norton, B. (2016, June 22). 20 Congress members send Obama letter requesting protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses. Retrieved July 14, 2016, from

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