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Tribal Rights

Voices of the Adivasi tribe, in India, have long been unheard as the destruction of their communities, land, and resources continue today in 2016. Human rights violations, against the Adivasi communities, are being committed by the rapidly expanding coal industry in India. The majority of the coal in Indian is located in the central and eastern parts of the country, this is also where the “26 million members of the Adivasi community,”(Ghose 2016) reside. Even though the Adivasi tribe owns the forest it has not stopped the coal companies, and government agencies from destroying their land in order to create coal mines. This has ruined their homes causing them to relocate, without receiving any restitution or assistance by the government which should be provided within the rehabilitation and resettlement act.

The violation of human rights are exemplified in this article by The Guardian, which goes into Nirupabai, an Adivasi member’s, story about the blunt exploitation of her and her family by the coal industry. Currently they are living in a hut made of straw and mud following the destruction of their home without warning in 2014. The home and all of the belongings inside were bulldozed while Nirupabai was at work. She discusses how she attempted to utilize a work program where tribe members can work for the coal companies in order to keep their land but was denied for being a women. This neglect of compensation for Nirupabai and many other families being displaced from the mines has called for a change in the amount of say the Adivasi tribe has in the new developments in the coal industry.

The Adivasi tribe is in dire need of restoration of their human rights. The expansion of the coal industry by force has caused the destruction of their land and lives with no compensation for an act that should not even be committed without consultation. The story of Nirupabai shows the grave reality regarding the raw exploitation of their community. The Adivasi tribal community should not have to live with an everyday fear of coming home to ruins with no where else to go.


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