Blog Post Week 3

The case that I found that was brought before the International Criminal Court is the one pertaining to the happenings in Darfur, Sudan. In March of 2005 there were alleged crimes against the territory of Darfur in Sudan that entailed genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Although Sudan is not a state party to the ICC, otherwise known as the Rome Statute, these allegations were accepted and taken under jurisdiction by the ICC because the referral of the crimes was done by the United Nations Security Council. Being a state party to the Rome Statute means that you legally have to cooperate with them if a case were to be brought upon you and allegations are made. With this being said, Sudan would normally then have to accept the case and jurisdiction, however the Council found the situation in Sudan to be of great threat to national peace and security. I do believe that gaining jurisdiction over this situation was the right thing even though the area is not technically a state party. The violence that is occurring is clearly not being taken care of properly and someone had to step in to help with the issues. This highlights the issues of the human rights of everyone in and around the population who are in danger, which is referring to the over one and a half citizens in Darfur who were displaced and 200,000 more being refugees in Chad. This displacement has to do with the severe destruction happening around the area with things such as murder, rape, attacks on innocent civilians, torture, imprisonment, and many other horrific crimes. Being wanted for the crimes of genocide is Sudan’s president Omar Al Bashir, but the warrants for his arrest are not being enforced. This case is still open and hopefully we will see future work on justice for the people who fell victim to all of these crimes.

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  1. I think that this case deserves to be brought under investigation by the ICC, even though Sudan is not a state party to the ICC. Especially since the crimes were referred to by the United Nations Security Council. I personally believe that any region that finds itself under any kind of eminent threat or danger deserves to be protected and investigated by the ICC, so long as the ICC remains honest and with good intentions. The extent of the crimes and immoral acts carried out by the government officials are more than worthy of being brought to justice, even though this is not what we’re seeing so far. I too, hope that the ICC will be able to enforce some sort of justice on the President, and all who had connections and affiliations with such awful crimes.

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