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The case I chose, from the ICC website, is the case of the Central African Republic II and the war crimes and crimes against humanities going on spurring from the renewal of violence in 2012.The crimes are being committed awake the feud between the anti-Balaka forces and the Seleka. The anti-Balaka are a Christian militia fighting the Seleka, who are, the Muslim opposition within the community. The anti-Balaka forces have reduced the Muslim population in the CAR by great numbers due to forced relocation and executions, both crimes against human rights. The Seleka has responded to this disregard to their rights by retaliating with violence and human rights violations against Christians. Following the anti-balaka forces slaying of sixty Muslim men the Seleka killed nearly one-thousand Christian men. The violation of human rights in this case is double sided, effecting both groups, with the war being the catalyst. People should have freedom to religion, in the CAR region this is something that is not currently possible because the war creates constant crimes against the members of religions by opposing religious militias. The longer this war is allowed to go on the amount of human rights violations can be expected to increase.

I think the ICC having jurisdiction over the human rights violations and war crimes in the Central African Republic II area is the proper decision to help stop the suffering of religious groups in the area. The ICC will be able to issue war crimes against the forceful religious militias that have formed in the region and are the main cause for violent human rights crimes. The disbanding of these opposing religious militias will allow for coexistence of religions within the region. The religions in the area did not cause the human rights violations or war crimes but merely the militarization of these religions caused the violations. Therefore the ICC having jurisdiction will allow for the disbanding of the militia groups allowing for a restoration of human rights to the people.


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  1. I agree with you by saying that the ICC does in fact have a place here because clearly the two groups could not live in peace among one another. Being able to have separate views in religion is extremely important, but perhaps it is not in the Central African Republic, so the situation does have to be handled with care. However, the violence has been severe enough with things such as use of child soldiers, murder, and rape, that religion aside the crimes need to be addressed. Both militant forces, as you said, need to be disbanded in order for the violence to stop and the position of the ICC being international can hopefully accomplish that.

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