Week 3 Blog Post

I chose to look at the situation involving the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the violence that has gone on there for many years now. Use of rape, torture, child soldiers, and forced displacement as well as mass murder are all among the activities being investigated. These charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity are mostly found in the Eastern DRC in the Ituri region and the North and South Kivu Provinces. Although there have been reports of these crimes since the 1990’s the investigation did not start until July of 2004 and their jurisdiction only goes back to 2002. Because the DRC ratified the Rome Statute in April of 2002 the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over crimes that have taken place since July 1, 2002. Even though countries should be given the right to control their inner conflicts once it becomes an ongoing problem I believe that outside help needed. The list of crimes includes using children under the age of 15 in hostilities, the attack, murder and rape of civilians, torture, pillaging, cruel treatment, and displacing civilians and had been happening for over a decade before the ICC was able to get involved. Crimes like these that include mass murder and cruelty, if not handled properly, could lead to even more violence and maybe even at some point genocide. Because the report date back so far and the violence has not been controlled, I believe the ICC should have jurisdiction over the investigation and the prosecution.

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  1. I too chose the DRC case! I watched a few videos on it and some additional readings out of pure curiosity. These are true, horrific atrocities that were carried out by many, and for a long time; too long if you ask me. There has been very little to no justice brought to any of the individuals who are responsible for releasing such unimaginable acts of violence and abuse to innocent civilians. If murder, rape and other forms of torture aren’t enough to get peoples’ attention, than perhaps the extensive use of children soldiers might be. The events that unfolded in Congo, and are still unfolding, are truly unimaginable. Our worst nightmare. I completely agree that the ICC should have full jurisdiction over this case, for the people of Congo’s sake.

  2. After reading this and doing further reading on the matter on other websites, I feel as though it is critical that the ICC steps in and take jurisdiction. The crimes committed have been horrific, especially the ones involving child soldiers. These children are typically under the age of 18 and are forced into war with the thought that they wont be killed by others because they are children. They are then forced to kill, rape, and be sex slaves in the case of the females. If this is being enforced by people in power, then how will the children ever have help? By stepping in, the ICC can have a say in what is happening to these children so that this no longer happens and the children can be children. Making it an international issue instead of keeping it local would hopefully show how important it is to keep children safe and that performing these acts at any age especially this young is terrifying.

  3. I agree with you that more action needs to be taken in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I believe that the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo is still very corrupt, and that is why not much has happened. I hope that something extremely drastic will happen soon, the ICC should have full right to intervene in this country. Using Flint as an example, most people only start to take action when children start getting involved and get harmed. Hopefully, now that the Democratic Republic of Congo is known to use child soldiers, the ICC will make more of an effort to do something.

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