Blog Post Week 5

I chose to look at the environmental justice example of slow foods and how it pertains to my life. The Slow Foods movement is a campaign that was established in 1989 by people from15 different countries who decided that it was time to stop and really take a look at food. Our world today, especially in the United States, has become one of fast paced living and no time to cook which in turn leaves people to eating fast food. That fast food has taken away not only the experience of cooking in the kitchen, the flavors, and the culture of food, but also simply the time it takes to sit down and slowly enjoy a meal. Slow Foods has gained partnerships and alliances all over the world to connect people together and push this movement of embracing fresh, clean, and fair foods that should be available to everyone. The goal is to change the way that people are consuming foods and to replace our diets of fast food and fill them with thoughtful and healthy food. Not only does the fast food industry have an increasing amount of hazards on our environment, but we are losing the flavors and tastes of our region when we rely on a chain of restaurants to cook for us. I personally had never heard of the Slow Foods movement but after looking it up I chose it because it is something that I had started to do on my own last year. I gave up eating fast food and began cooking my own meals at home. In the beginning it did seem to be a hassle, with the time it took and the dishes I had and always having to pack food up in Tupperware wherever I went. But now I look back and I am thankful I started doing it because I am healthier and I eat better food that actually tastes good. This summer I also started a garden and these past two weeks have been great harvesting! This campaign was a great idea and I hope it continues to succeed because this country especially needs all the help it can get to save its culture of food.

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