Week 5 Blog Post

Many people today are worried about the affects that humans have on the Earth and its environment. As our knowledge and technology increases we continue to create devices that have the potential to harm the environment we live in. Cars and other popular forms of transportation and energy creation have been dealt most of the blame when it comes to the current damage done to our environment because of the toxic pollutants they emit. I was recently introduced to a new environmental danger, that could possibly be more damaging to the environment than anything else, in the documentary Cowspiracy. The documentary looks into and talks about the affects of agriculture, specifically the mass production of meat, on the environment. They not only expose how meat production affects the environment but also how little the impact is considered by populations around the globe. As explained in the documentary, animals raised for food consume a large portion of water and grain that could be fed to humans as well as produce substantial amounts of waste that is just as harmful, if not more, to the environment as the emissions produced by transportation. I believe that everyone who consumes any kind of animal product is related to this environmental struggle because meat and other animal products are a large part of diets in many cultures and it should be every person’s goal to preserve the planet for future generations. Watching the documentary made me want to change my eating habits and prompted me to question how else the population of the planet could sustainably feed themselves. I don’t believe the world will ever be without agriculture but I do believe that people can learn to rely less on meat for their daily nutrition and therefore lessen its impact on the environment.


The documentary Cowspiracy can be found on Netflix and also through this link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2zuhks

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  1. I think reducing beef consumption can also aid in promoting animal rights. Agriculture definitely has damaged the environment, another way that you didn’t mention was the misuse of antibiotics on farm animals, and run-off of pesticides on farmland. I think there has been a decrease in the amount of animal products.

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