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The gay rights movement is a non violent social movement seeking to abolish the restrictions of sexual acts between consenting adults regardless of gender and sexual orientation, and to challenge the social norms that society insists upon such as marriage being the sacred union between a man and a woman. Some of the tactics include the gay pride parade, which originated in 1970 in the streets of New York city among a handful of gay men and lesbians and has now become a major event attended by thousands, both homosexual and strait, and is hosted in many cities across the globe. I believe that if the gay rights movement had used violence to achieve their goals then being gay would face even greater obscurity in the minds of those who do not sympathize with those who are homosexual. Many who already view being gay as taboo, sinful or immoral would have even further justification to their beliefs, aside from religious scripture. Also, violent acts against homosexuals would most likely have been a much more frequent occurrence, although they happened often and still do to this day. Overall violent tactics would have cause further setbacks or legislation against homosexual relationships or acts.  A common symbol used in the gay rights movement is the rainbow flag. The flag is used to represent the diversity of the group as it consists of males, females, transexuals, and people of all races and ethnicities. The rainbow is also a naturally occurring phenomenon often regarded as beautiful while those who are opposed to homosexuality would argue that it is the exact opposite of those things. So essentially, the flag works to help people associate positive feelings with the gay community, which overall in my opinion spreads a message of love and equality. Opponents might argue that the flag works to make the gay community even more distant from normality as a group that desires to be seen and be separate from most of society, but in a society where violent acts can be justified by moral or religious beliefs it is crucial that this group be recognized and heard for the struggles that they face and to be seen as more human and more relatable to the average person who may not have a complete understanding of what it means to be gay or be outcasted for the natural feelings of attraction that they have to another person.

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  1. The gay rights movement is a perfect example of a non-violent social movement that I too feel has succeeded greatly since its beginning. I feel like being non-violent has definitely participated in so many laws having been passed in favor of the LGBT community. If this movement, like you said, would have used violence to proclaim that they wanted fair treatment, the amount of respect would be much lower than it is today. This non-violent tactic of having a parade reminds me a lot of the pro-life movement that happens in DC every year. It is somewhat like a parade, of many people walking and proclaiming their anti-abortion views but it is supposed to be a peaceful way. Yes with both movements certain people get carried away, but overall these social movements continue to be without violence and have their voices heard.

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