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The Occupy Wall Street movement that started in September of 2011 was a national social movement that’s goal was economic equality for all. The movement used a few techniques that have been used in some mass movements that I thought were particularly interesting. One was that they were organized as a leaderless movement that was, according to the Washington Post, so they would not be representing the authoritarian structure they were protesting against. They’re actions included peacefully occupying the streets of the areas they were protesting with their tents. An article I read in Rolling Stone described the area occupied on Wall Street as almost city like, with a kitchen, library, and its own newspaper. Those who participated in the movement came from all different groups within the population. Members of the protest mentioned in the articles I read included cooks, librarians, nannies, immigrants, students and many more. In my opinion the movement could appeal to anyone because its goal was a “global uprising against Wall Street tyranny” (OccupyWallStreet.org) which affects all but the top 1% of the population. I did not find any account of violence that was not brought on because of police presence but it was found that drug use and other non-PG activities started happening when people began to set up more tents.










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  1. I find it very interesting that the protesting of people wanting economic equality would increase drug use. The protest in 2011, being merely five year old, nothing much has changed with economic equality . Women are still not equal to men economically and minorities are not equal to their white counterparts. Economic status in the United States is very important and determine many factors throughout life. It is unfortunate that there still has to be protests and sit ins for equality across the board. Economic equality is important not for just making money but also to change some of the ideologies America stands for. I admire that people were able to peacefully come together and stand up for what they know they deserve. Taxes across the board should be cut for every class including the top 1% who receive tax breaks from the government dating back to President Bushes term.

  2. Occupy wall street was yet again an amazing an amazing protest that made millions of people aware of the top 1% of the population who make enormous amounts of money unfairly. As you said, this leaderless movement did well by organizing themselves in a way that did not reflect what they were protesting against. Another thing that they used was the rise of the social media and hashtag movement. Using #occupywallstreet brought many people together and kept millions more updated on what was happening on the actual location that so many people set up tents to protest. The only thing wrong with this type of protest was that it led to major overcrowding and brought in a lot of drug users which in turn resulted in police stepping in to keep people safe which needs to happen in such a densely populated area.

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