Blog Post Week 1


Abortion has caused much controversy in the United States. Our views on the subject divide us into three categories: those that support abortion, those that do not support abortion and those that are neutral. This particular billboard is aiming at those that support abortion. The various groups that may oppose this message include those that support abortion, feminists, politicians and certain religious groups.
The main argument suggested by politicians in favor of banning abortion, religious peoples, often followers of Christianity and general anti-abortion supporters is that abortion is murder. According to these groups, the moment the sperm reaches the egg, a woman is impregnated, and if she aborts the embryo, she is committing murder. They believe that if a woman can afford an abortion, she should be able to afford a condom or birth control. However, in the case of rape, this group is further divided. Some religious peoples feel both abortion and contraceptives are wrong and should be banned altogether. They believe that sex before marriage is a sin, therefore, no one should engage in it beforehand.
Supporters of abortion offer a counterargument that seeks to contradict each group’s beliefs. Feminists and those pro-abortion recognize a woman’s right to make her own decisions. Politicians that debate over the matter are often men, an argument offered by both pro-abortion politicians and feminists. It is difficult to make a decision about something you could never experience personally. Many religious peoples feel that abortion is murder and are against it. However, they are some followers that feel it just as wrong to judge those that choose to abort as it is to actually abort. God speaks about murder, still, he is the ultimate judge.
The future of this surgery in the United States in unknown. There is a forceful group of anti-abortion supporters that strongly desire to ban it. However, our society is evolving. Because we were able to legalize gay marriage, I feel that one day the debate about abortion will cease amongst those that do not utilize the service.