Aliens and the Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramid alignment with Orion transposed on top.

I watch Ancient Aliens more than I care to admit, but I found it interesting that I had recently seen an episode on the Pyramids of Giza right before we watched the movie in class.

Above is a bird’s-eye-view of the pyramids with a picture of Orion’s belt transposed on top. Clearly, it is evident that the three stars in the middle of the Orion constellation, diagonally but with one star deviating, and three pyramids, also with one deviating from the diagonal, and the relative positions of stars and pyramids match each other perfectly. Even the brightness of the stars matches the size of the pyramids. Giza consists of two almost equally tall pyramids and a smaller one which is only 53% of the height of the other two. The belt of Orion consists of two almost similarly bright stars, and one with only 50% of the brightness of the other two. The smallest pyramid is the one which deviates from the diagonal, as does the dimmest star.

Aside from Orion, the Great Pyramid is also lined up almost perfectly with the magnetic North Pole. With that being said, the Egyptians had to access to a compass, nor had it even been invented for a few thousand years after the Egyptians were gone.

During the evening of the summer solstice, from the view of the Sphinx, the sun sets right between the Great Pyramid and its neighbor.  For the Egyptians to be able to do this they must have known the day of the summer solstice, and they therefore,  must have known the exact length of the year, or 365.25. Again, a fact not discovered until long after the Egyptians were gone.

Sun setting during summer solstice

It is also quite strange the the Pyramids of Giza are still in almost perfect condition, while the other pyramids, which were supposedly built about 500 years later, all have sub-par  masonry, and are crumbling down.  An example of this is the famous ‘bent’ pyramid,  which  started out with the sides being built at one angle,  then suddenly shifts in the middle to a shallower angle.  This is because the angle at which it was started  was much too steep for it to stand when finished.

A more obvious and unexplainable feat of these pyramids is the fact that each stone was around two tons, so how were the Egyptians able to build these pyramids? The wheel was not invented until later on.

With all of this being said, it is important to keep in mind that the Egyptians had no knowledge of mathematics or geometry, both of which would be strong explanations for how they could have been built.

I’m not saying that I necessarily believe that aliens had a hand in building the pyramids, nor do I really believe in “Ancient Astronaut Theory”, but they make a strong case.







3 thoughts on “Aliens and the Pyramids of Giza

  1. Whenever I find documentaries of Egypt are on or if I see them on Netflix I love to watch them. When I was in high school I even thought maybe I would want to be an Egyptologist. I am also a really big fan of the universe and how things in space go about working. I must say, this is the first time I think I have ever heard those facts about the stars lining up with the pyramids and matching the size perfectly…that is incredible! I know that they believe henges and Mayan pyramids along with a few other things were built to incorporate the sun, and in the case of henges, possibly the spirit world. We learned that the only reason the sizes differed were because they did not want a repeat of how long the first larger one took to build but that is it. We also learned about how the people of the city helped build the pyramids and the techniques they used. I find it very hard to believe that there was some sort of alien design, but it really does make you think when you look at all the factors you pointed out!!

  2. So, I’ll be completely honest with you. I was scrolling down through all of the blog posts looking for one to reply to when I saw “aliens” in your title–so of course that meant I had to read it. I actually really enjoyed it! It was thoughtful, clever and honestly interesting. Now, I watch far too much Star Trek and Stargate to be shocked by fanatical claims. However, if the facts you posted are completely true, I’ll start to believe in the improbable. All of what you said makes sense! One of the facts you stated might be coincidence (the summer solstice one in particular), but I agree that all of them together are unlikely.

    Apparently, there are a lot of people who feel that there is something “odd” about the pyramids. According to the Associated Press last year, “Egypt’s antiquities authority closed the largest of the Giza pyramids…following rumors that groups would try to hold spiritual ceremonies on the site at 11:11 A.M. on November 11, 2011.” The report says that “unidentified groups were going to try to “take advantage of mysterious powers coming from the pyramid on the rare date.” Were they trying to call the aliens back? Now, I’m not saying that anything would have happened. I just think it’s interesting that the pyramids have ingrained themselves so far into our popular culture that “unidentified groups” would attempt to use a completely unrelated myth as an excuse to have a new superstition surround the site. And not only that, but the authorities obviously took the threat seriously enough to close the place down! If nothing else, that just shows how far the legends have invaded our society.

    Anyway, I know that’s not exactly what you were writing about. But I just thought I’d share that because apparently some folks have heard the same facts as you did, but they definitely took it one step further. Aliens building the pyramids certainly isn’t a new theory. However, it’s definitely one that has captured the imagination of millions, and has gotten people like you and me hooked! In fact, it’s definitely one that I think will be debated for years to come–or at least until new information is discovered that explains these miraculous coincidences and feats of mathematics and geometry.

  3. Your post really caught my eye, and I enjoyed reading it. I also admit that I am a fan of Ancient Aliens as well. Some of the things you mentioned, I have had the same thoughts myself. I have always wondered how the Egyptians were able to create those pyramids over 4000 years ago without any of the large machinery we use today; or even wheels. I don’t understand how they could have been able to carry huge blocks of stone weighing thousands of pounds. Before reading your post, I never knew that the pyramids mimicked Orion’s Belt so closely, and after reading this, it made me think a lot. Another thing I learned from your post was how the pyramid is almost perfectly lined up with the magnetic North Pole; which is especially strange since the compass wasn’t invented yet. I also did more research of my own similar to this. I read that the height of Khufu is 481 feet which is 1/1,000,000,000 of the distance from the earth to the sun which is 480.6 billion feet. Another fact is that if you take the perimeter of Khufu and divide it by two times the height, it equals pi (3.14159…). Since pi wasn’t calculated that early, it’s impossible that the Egyptians would have known about it. I don’t think that this was something that happened by chance, but something done intentional. I feel like these are more than just coincidences and there is more behind the Pyramids of Giza that we do not know about.

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