As a college student I’m constantly wondering what affect I could have on the world around me. I consider which major could create the most positive change. Each choice I make has a ripple effect on society. Will I have a family? Does my carbon footprint destroy our environment? Will people remember me after I’m gone? What changes can I make? This never ending flood of notions keeps me on my toes for new experiences that could help out the world. I plan to pursue a career in psychology, which should hopefully modify the world today; however, I could never make a change that helps the world of 3012. Entering this class, I found with myself fascinated with the record keeping career of archaeology. The noble task of attempting to reorganize past civilizations for the future generations must be an extremely rewarding career.

History is the only separation humans have from the animals. Yes, we have a larger frontal cortex, amygdales’ and language skills that animals lack. These factors are subjective; I believe the innate human need to document and tell stories are what caused these evolutionary traits. As humans began to communicate, natural selection kept those who began to inform their young around longer. Eventually, people with spare time such as Heroditus even took the time to write down chronological histories. Without this past knowledge humans could never learn from their mistakes and mature to our higher cognitive state. From story tellers to antiquarians humans have passed down wisdom and learned about past societies.

Archaeologists have the ability to not only see how past generations lived their lives, but to pass on the old ways of thinking. Future generations would have never been able to learn about these civilizations if not for archaeological excavations. Discoveries such as Lucy, a fossil from over a million years ago, have given us an idea of how humans evolved over time. Only archaeologists can learn such astounding facts about human kind. These fossils can support Darwin’s theories. Discoveries about culture can remind us that every human can from the same general background. The astounding resemblance of human kind across the globe can remind us how similar we all are. These lessons can only benefit society, and the continuation of telling stories will help humans learn from past misjudgments’. I only wish my future job could help society advance in such an outstanding, everlasting way, or even learn about how it once evolved.