How much do we really know

People say the we have learned so much from the past and that we discovered a great deal of things over the course of time and frankly i agree that it does seem like a lot. But to put it bluntly the equivalent of what we have discovered and what there is to discover is best put in the comparison to what land MSU owns is what we know and the state of Michigan land mass is what we could potentially know. How is it possible that this is all we know? Think about it in this way if we were to become enemies with a country such as north korea or Vietnam countries who have rich culture how are we going to be able to discover those archeological things and learn about the past of those nations. They aren’t just going to let us waltz in and start digging. Also we need to think about the use of military force and what it does to destroy what artifacts may have been there or even the process of building anything. now you have to figure that when you bomb an enemy nation buildings will be destroyed and people are going to die but what about the things that cant be seen by simply looking at the ground a bomb creates a crater and vaporizes anything close to the initial blast meaning anything of archeological significance that may have been where that crater now is cant be found and never will be. the biggest one that stands out in my mind would be Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan is a country we all can agree has an old and rich culture but when we leveled those two sections of japan how much was destroyed that we could have learned from or even discovered for the first time. Another portion of World War Two that stand out in my mind  is what the Blitzkreig could have done with all of the blanket bombings they did while raiding Europe who knows what may have been destroyed over the course of that process. when it comes to building things most nations do not have to worry but there are some that really do for example Greece. when the olympic games were in Athens last time they had great difficulty building the village because every time they turned over a rock they found some artifact. and while this is an extreme example who is it say that it has been over looked in other nations or even in other areas of Greece.