been Giza once again

History is absolutely my favorite in my life. The first book I read in my life is historical book, called<<the 5000 year history of China>>.so, from that time, I just can not stopping reading historical book and collect as much historical stuff as can which are mostly ancient coin .In my hometown, Beijing, China, has the biggest antique market in my country, maybe in the I usually went there couple times per month to buy some ancient coin or other old stuff. There is usually a sale on Saturdays when all the antique digger and dealer who is actually not doing illegal business come and sale archaeological stuff. You can find great deal in that day often. Through my childhood and teen age, I have been traveling most important archaeological site in china, including the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Great Wall, ZhouKoudian and etc. Although I have been really eager to experience a archaeological trip, but to go such thing is illegal in anywhere. Every year, I have a topic about history to read on. Last year the topic is nomadic empire in Central Asia and Middle East. This year is era after fall of Qing dynasty before 1927 when Chiang Kai-shek unifies china into central government. So the passion of history and archaeology make to choose this course to learn more knowledge
On the today’s lecture, I was just driven back to ancient Egypt immediately. Egypt was the first foreign country I have been to. I went there in the winter vocation of 2008 because I have been truly admiring the one of first civilization in the world. I still can remember clearly the second day after arriving on Cairo when saw the Giza pyramid. It was just gigantic and unbelievable. I was like a piece of sand in front of it. The Great Pyramids of Giza have three different pyramids together and were made for different Pharaohs including Khufu, Khafe, and Menkaure. Khufu pyramid is the biggest and tallest Egyptian pyramid in the world. There was an open area that you can go into the pyramid. Although the pyramid seems unreachable , but when I went inside of the pyramid from the gate (at least the part I went down) is small and even almost can not breath because of it small space and low oxygen concentration. It is just hard to imagine how the worker build such a tremendous building 4500 thousand years ago in the desert.
I think this course will get me a lot of new thing to learn and arose some old memory about archaeology.



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  1. I am fond of the history of different nations; it is interesting to me that the first book you ever read was a book about the history of China. When it comes to Chinese history, it fascinates me about how large the great wall was or how each Dynasty ruled the empire.
    Beijing, China, your hometown is one of the biggest metropolises in the world. It is no surprise that the city has the biggest antique collection. To think about how many people have spent there lives in that city since its creation.
    I like how you have been to many archaeological sites along Chinese territory, and it is so funny that there are probably many more things that haven’t yet been discovered. Egypt, which we have been learning about in recent lectures, is probably one of the most typical places for archeological sites, and discoveries. I like how you said, “I was like a piece of sand in front of it” when talking about the vast size of the largest pyramid at Giza. I did not know that Khufu was the largest pyramid in the world.
    How you learn about a different historical topic every year is remarkable, I usually focus on a period of history for a year or two because it takes me a while to take everything all in. It is in interesting how different of a civilization China became since Chiang-Kai-Shek unified the country entirely. There were no more Dynasties to be ruling on Chinese soil and it was just a change in Government essentially.

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