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I remember at a very young age I learned all about the pyramids and Pharaohs. I especially remember learning about King Tut. I didn’t know his full name was Tutankhamun. I think it’s really interesting how his name was previously Tutankhaten, but he changed it. I was very interested in these topics even at a young age. Being so young, my classes did not go into much detail.

I never knew how King Tut was found. I thought it was very interesting how Howard Carter excavated King Tut’s tomb, and I never knew that he accidentally pulled off King Tut’s skull. I always thought that mummies were just in the sarcophagus itself. I did not know that there were three layers in the sarcophagus until the mummy itself. I never knew how intricate the sarcophagus’ were, and I can even imagine how much gold was used for the whole entire thing to be solid gold.

When I was younger I would always watch movies about mummies and the mummy curse. I believed the myths. Then I learned that the newspapers created these myths because they couldn’t find anything out about the pyramids. I think that’s pretty crazy and I cant imagine how they got away with it and got people to believe it.

After this lecture in class I was very interested in King Tut and I wanted to learn more. I think it’s really interesting how he died at such a young age and his cause of death is a complete mystery. I thought it was really weird how he didn’t make an impact at all, and if Carter did not excavate King Tut’s tomb he wouldn’t even be as known as he is now. One thing I learned while I was trying to learn more about Tut is that his original name, Tutankhaten, means “living image of Aten.” Tutankhamun, Tuts name when he changed it, means “living image of Amun.” Tut took the throne at the age of 9 or 10, I cant even image being so young and having to take throne. I also didn’t know that when Tut became king he married his half sister—Ankhesenpaaten. Tut and his wife had two daughters, but both of them died still in the womb. One of the daughters dies at 5 or 6 months of pregnancy, and the other died at 9 months. I think everything we’ve learned in class has been incredibly interesting and I cannot wait to learn more.

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  1. I find a few things from this post very interesting. The first that caught my eye was the fact that King Tut changed his name and now everyone calls him by an abbreviated version of his name change. I researched this more and found out that he decided to change his name because they decided to bring polytheism back to egypt. With this change tut changed his name from “living image of Amun”, to “living image of Amun” With this change he also moved to Memphis, a city located closely to the now commonly known city of Cairo, and he lived in his father’s Theban palace.

    I also found it very interesting that he took the throne at such a young age of 9 years old. I find it fascinating because people of modern day at that age are not deemed responsible enough to be trusted to stay home alone, drive cars, or even get a job, and yet this boy is now at the throne of such a large city. I also find his being so young interesting in retrospect to when Queen Hatshepsut took the throne she was 20 years old, which seems to be more realistic to be a leader.

    Lastly, I think it is very interesting how Tut married his half sister. It seems that there would be enough people for him to marry that it didn’t have to be someone he was related to. I understand that in this time period they didn’t know the risks of marrying within the family, but it doesn’t seem necessary. Along with that it does not come as a shocker to me that both of their children were lost during pregnancy due to the fact that they were related and current science shows us that this kind of gene manipulation does not lead to normal pregnancies.

  2. I have always been interested in learning about King Tutankhamun and I was excited to hear that we were going to be discussing him in class. I learned a lot about King Tut from that lecture in class, and also a lot from reading this blog post that I did not know before. I never knew that his original name was Tutankhaten but he changed it to Tutankhamun. I was also surprised to learn about how King Tut took the throne at such a young age. He also died while he was very young. He accomplished a lot in his life, all while he was never over the age of 19. I also found it interesting how he married his half-sister. This proves how the times were much different back then because that is definitely something that doesn’t usually happen in our time because of the known risks.
    I found it most exciting when learning about the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. It is hard to imagine that his tomb was just recently discovered, and was untouched for thousands of years. It was fascinating to learn about all the treasures that were tucked away in his tomb. The treasures and the tomb itself were wonderful pieces of work that would have taken years to complete. This proves that the Egyptians of his time greatly respected him and gave him what they thought he was deserving of when he died. It shows how strong his power and stature was. I enjoyed learning about King Tut and hope to learn more in the future.

  3. I’ve also been very interested in the story of King Tut, more so because of how young he was and being able to rule over ALL people at the age of 9 or 10. I just went on and read more about him and learned that because he was so young being in the throne, years into him being in power his reign was controlled by an older man, Ay. So, it was like he was in charge, but then again, not really just YET.

    I also find it very crazy how he died still young by the of 18-19 and to this day, no one actually knows the cause of death for sure. It’s been a theory about his cause of death and they say that it might have been from temporal lobe epilepsy. It was said that because the temporal lobe is connected to hormones, epilepsy can throw hormonal balances off and King Tut supposedly had walked with a cane, and had a deformed left foot. The fact that he walked with a cane and his foot wasn’t normal may have been a result from an epileptic seizure. But Who really knows?

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