The Mystery of Tutankhamun’s Death

Tutankhamun was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom. Tutankhamun really means “Living Image of Aten” but people normally know of him as King Tut. King Tut ascended to the throne when he was only eight years old and ruled for eleven years and then King Tut died at the age of nineteen. During the time he ruled it was custom for every pharaoh to be buried in Luxor, the Valley of the Kings. King Tut’s tomb had been remained undiscovered until 1922 when Howard Carter dug it up. It was and still is one of the richest and most famous tombs to ever been discovered. It was so famous because there were over five thousand artifacts found there. Some examples of the artifacts are; thrones, beds, chests, statues, masks and jewelry.  Even though Howard Carter dug the tomb up and discovered and observed all the artifacts and was able to solve many mysteries about the tomb and the reign of King Tut. There was still one mystery that had not been solved. What killed the young pharaoh King Tut? This specific pharaoh has many death conspiracy theories. One that is very well known is that King Tut was murdered by a blow to the head.  This theory though is very difficult to prove or disprove. The preserving of King Tut involved gluing a lot of his body parts and when Howard Carter tried to remove the mummy from the tomb he ended up breaking some of King Tut’s bones. So due to the dismembering of King Tut’s body it was hard to prove what the cause of death was to the nineteen-year-old pharaoh. Nowadays there are new technology advances so we have discovered the cause of death for King Tut. The scientists recently used a CT scanner to analyze the remains. And even though the mummy was in awful condition they found evidence that King Tut had a broken left thighbone shortly after he passed away. Since back then during this time period, there were no sorts of antibiotics he suffered a severe infection and was most likely fatal. There will always be a difference in opinions and all sorts of different conspiracy theories about the death of King Tut but we will never know for sure. The best evidence does support that he suffered and died from serious complications of a broken leg.