Before this class, I was always very interested in Stonehenge but hardly knew anything about it. I was always curious about who built it, why they built it, and how they built it. After the lecture today, I was left with a much better understanding of all of that. I was also amazed to learn many things that I never knew before. Some things that were interesting to me were that the actual Stonehenge is just one part of the whole area. It is just one small part to such a larger site. There are many other things all around it like burial mounds, pits, holes, and Woodhenge. It’s fascinating to think who lived there thousands of years ago and what kind of incredible events took place all around that area. I never knew there were so many other parts to Stonehenge than just the standing stones.

I was also intrigued to learn about the possible ways it was built. It’s hard to imagine how people were able to build such an incredible structure without the machinery we have today. A large amount of people were needed to create it. Also many resources were needed, and most of them were not anywhere close. It’s quite interesting to think how people were able to transport huge stones weighing many tons from a place miles away. Another fascinating fact was how Stonehenge was the result of a few thousands of years, and not just something that could be put together in a couple of days. It was also interesting to learn about the other possibilities of how Stonehenge could have been built instead. It was very thought-provoking to hear about some myths about how people thought it was built instead. Even though some don’t seem completely logical, it opened my mind to think about the other alternatives.

Another curiosity of mine is thinking what Stonehenge was actually built for. It could have been a place for festivities to occur, a place of pilgrimage for religious folk, or something used for astronomy. The purpose behind it could have been any of these or something else entirely. Stonehenge will be something that will continue to interest me for years to come. Stonehenge has huge historical importance and holds many answers to the past. It also has many mysteries about it and some questions that can probably never be answered. The mystery behind Stonehenge makes it even more fascinating.