Where did those crazy ideas come from?

Now I can understand why someone would want to remember some place as being special if that was where some “prophet had a vision or where a great battle of your people occurred or even where some great individual was born but the idea to build these earthworks or to build a place like Stonehenge must have been looked at as one of two things I could see it as either one of worst ideas ever like most works of brilliance seem too or it started as a great idea and was quickly built on but I have a feeling that it started as a horrible idea that once the works were in progress large amounts of people decided to jump in and run along side the original genius. The reason I feel that they started as a bad idea is because of the fact of what they decided to make. For example the earth work of the snake with the egg in its mouth the idea to create something like that must have sounded absolutely crazy. In my mind I picture one individual going up to his group of friends saying “hey lets go make a giant snake out of dirt to honor life and the globe” to put it in modern terms and I can see the others saying “what are you on” just the idea of such things are so far fetched that it had to be difficult to get people to invest in such things. Another example would be the idea of pyramids or Stonehenge how would someone of normal status or even a pharaoh or king convince people that one this was a good idea and two that it would be worth investing years into or in the case of Stonehenge thousands of years. But even beyond that once you decided to undertake this earth work projects imagine what it would take to keep them in that shape for long enough to be established and not blow away but then also to keep them standing long enough to be here today is unbelievable and made an impact on todays history that I doubt they could ever imagine.