Chinse Building in Archaeology

When I checked the World Heritage List, As of 2012, Italy became the country which has the largest number of World Heritage World Heritage– 44, Spain 39, China 34.Italy has been a great dynasty of ancient Rome and the center of the European literary Fuxing,
and the long struggle in Spain Christian countries and Muslim.So these two cultures have huge amounts of  World Heritage List is understandable, But China, which is considered as the only ancient civilization which has been stable for thousands of year in the world , predating 1500 earlier than the Roman Empire appeared in the world, so it is
reasonable for me to doubt why chinese cultural heritage has far less remains than Italy and Spain .
Inevitably, when the rise of a dynasty is in various places.When the dynasty, the rise time, the emperor is usually to build buildings in various places to display their own power.
China from ancient times to the end of the feudal dynasties of 1911, a total of eleven dynasty should have left many magnificent buildings, such as the royal palace, but existing only the Forbidden City of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the reason is that the ancient Chinese engineers prefer to use woodrather than stones, because the wood more easily obtain and transport relative to the stone.And China’s rulers need to quickly build, so the wood is their first choice, however, because the wood vulnerable to fire, termites, rain corrosion, compared to masonry not long maintained.Frequent dynasty replacement is also an important reason, Qin Shi Huang built Metrical, quite area and now the world’s largest existing palace – the Forbidden City in Beijing, but because of the tyranny of the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang created decades was overthrown, the rebelsburned this great building. This kind of thing happened too many times in the history of China, destroyed many great building. And complex religion also contribute a lot, because Confucianism and Buddhism compete for the support of the Chinese royal family in 2000, so whenever beliefs change, Buddhist, Taoist or Confucian ruins will be national destruction. Therefore, most of the Chinese ancient buildings has been preserved. By contrast in Europe, due to the huge cost of stone buildings constructed, each dynasty accustomed to save rather than destroy, which left behind a large number of buildings.These are what i am thinking about today’s Archeology issue, I hope we can protect our legacy of monuments in  great effort