Kingdom excavations

In the early centuries, many kingdoms were emerging in the cultural centers of the old world, like in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Usually people think of ancienct Greece, Rome, or Egypt. Less famously known when you think of great kingdoms are those of the African kingdoms. With the height of the kingdoms in Sudan being overshadowed by ancient Egypt, its historical presence is minimal, but with the new excavations occuring today, the new information will be brought to light including the fact Sudan has many more pyramids than Eygpt. Although not as grand in size, but more numerous. In the last week of classes we learned about Great Zimbabwe and I found an article that focused on some archaeological findings related to old kingdoms in Sudan. The new discoveries coming out of Sudan are crucial to the history of ancient kingdoms of Africa and are starting a commotion in the archaeological departments all around the world. The Sudan government “signed a $135 million agreement with Qatar that would provide money for 27 archaeological missions, the renovation of the Sudan National Museum and the development of tourism projects” which has drawn a lot of interest to be included in these exciting projects.This agreement is opening many oppourtunites to learn more information about the ancient kingdoms of Africa and link them to other great kingdoms. Especially with the instability Sudan is experiencing with its goverement and economic split some good media and tourism would help with their current situation. Archaeological excavations in areas experiencing tension like Sudan need a way to make money with the seperation between Sudan and South Sudan, and shining a light on all of the rich culture and archaeology they have to offer with surelly draw some attention and will aid in an increase in tourism. And ensuring the preservation of archaeological sites in newly excavated places, like those in Sudan, is of high importance and thankfully, “Sudanese archaeologists are also conscious of current opportunities” and what it means to Sudan’s rich heritage and ancient history in connection to other kingdoms during the early centuries.


In the article they make an excellent comparison between the ancient kingdoms in Sudan playing an important role for Africa historically as Greece did for Europe. Excavations in places not as romantically focused like Rome, Greece, and Egypt would help with the understanding of most ancient civilizations and kingdoms, like the lesser known ones in Africa.