Arkaim the Forgotten Valley

I did my Archeological Discovery Project on the lost city of Arkaim or as it should be known as Arkaim Valley and I thought it would be fun to share with you all, all the amazing things that I found out about it, hope you enjoy!

In 1987, Arkaim, the Russian equivalent of Stonehenge was discovered.  It is an ancient fortress in the Southern Urals steppe near the Kazakhstan border.  Archeologists vary on the age of the site as artifacts found there range from the 4th millennium BC to the 20th century BC.  Originally, seen as unusual circles in the Southern Urals steppe when photographed in 1952 by satellites, Arkaim remained a mystery until further investigation began 35 years later.

Designated a cultural reservation in 1991, Arkaim is actually a valley where a significant number of archeological monuments from several different epochs have been exhumed.  Also called the “Land of Cities,” the Arkaim site contains Middle Bronze Age fortified settlements and necropolises.  More than 20 such remanents have been excavated over an area that extends approximately 200 miles between rivers flowing to the Caspian Sea and into the Artic Ocean.  “A geographical and mythological analysis of the ancient texts of Rigveda and Avesta allows…to infer that the “Land of Cities” was connected with the legendary countries of the ancient Aryans” (Sparkey, p. 2).

At the Arkaim excavation site it has been proposed, from a chain of horse burials, that the site has produced evidence that the cities could have been the home of the Aryans.  Numerous ancient Indian texts believed to have been written by the Aryans communicate analogous rituals.  These ancient Indian manuscripts and hymns tell of sacrifices and burials of horses, including the way the flesh is removed and the fact that the horse is buried with its master.  When paralleled with the way the skeletons and the graves were being dug up in Russia, it was concluded the sites were a millimeter-perfect match.  If archeologists confirm the cities as Aryan, they could be the fragments of a civilization that spread through Europe and much of Asia.  Their dialect has been identified as the precursor of modern Indo-European tongues, including English.  Words such as brother, guest and oxen have been tracked back to this archetype language.  After much discussion, archeologists have come to the agreement that there is some type of mother tongue, Proto-Indo-European, from which all languages emerged.

Arkaim is not only a remarkable site historically, but there is also a large amount of evidence implying that it is one of the strongest anomaly zones in Russia.  Many UFO sightings have been reported within the area on several different occasions shaped as light flashes, moving circles and fog clusters.  Locals believe Arkaim to be a sacred place.  Travelers go there all year round to acquire some of the healing water from the Bolshaya Karaganka River, and in the summer they coat themselves with clay, which they say helps to treat skin diseases.  There are several spirals next to the Arkaim fortress that visitors have made out of local stones.  Sightseers and locals alike have recommended that people walk on the stones barefooted or even better, naked, then stand in the center of the spiral and make a wish.  The mountains encompassing the fortress are also unusual.  The most famous one is Shamanka (or Bold Mountain).  People have been known to climb to the top of it to get positive energy, pray or even meditate.  It has also been known that people with serious medical conditions have been brought there for healing purposes.  Some of the lesser famous mountains encircling Arkaim are; Repentance Mountain, where visitors ascend to the top to ask for forgiveness, and Love Mountain, which is believed to bring personal luck to those who scale it (Troitsina, 2010).  Nearby is Male Forest, which is frequently visited by women who have relationship troubles.  The rumor surrounding it is that a walk through the forest will make a woman popular with men.  Finally, the Drunken Forest near Grachinaya Mountain (also known as Blessed Mountain) is infamous for the Birch trees, whose trunks are abnormally crooked at the bottom.  It is alleged that people cannot stay there too long; otherwise they risk losing their mind (Archeology Daily, 2010).


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