End of class

Well, today’s lecture was something.   I can’t really believe that that was the last one.  I learned so much in this class about so many different cultures.  It doesn’t really seem like that long ago that the Pyramids were our new topic, or that we were discussing the basics of archaeology.

Sorry, memory lane is one fun detour.

What I meant to say is that this class has taught me a lot about different cultural histories and ideologies, like the Incan tax system and the Mayan fixation on astronomy or Chauvet’s cave paintings.  (Yes, it was a weird video, but Herzhog definitely put a lot of effort into getting that footage, and it shows)  It really is amazing how much we can learn from what looks like simple drawings or piles of dirt.  The Mississippian culture in particular was something rather unexpectedly large and complex.  Yes, I’d heard bits about it before, but I’d never actually studied it, it was really enlightening to see the accomplishments of pre-Columbian american cultures, rather than take the view that earlier ‘archaeologists’ took (but I wrote about that in another post)  But still, this class has shown me so much new information and piqued my interest toward all of these cultures we’ve studied.

I know this sounds like gushing about this class, but I did really enjoy learning about these subjects, I like history, I am a Science major,  and archaeology is pretty much scientific examination of history.  If I end up switching out of my program now, this class has convinced me to at least look into archaeology/anthropology as a field if study, especially with the field schools that seem so often available to students from MSU.  I was actually going to sign up for the Belize trip for a while, but former engagements prevented much of anything from really going on.


So, to start wrapping this all up, I would totally recommend this class to anyone interested in history or archaeology, it was fun, informative, and full of new information I’d never really heard before, sure, we had some scheduling gaffes, but I can excuse that since we had such a nice class time.  Better to have a good experience late than a bad experience on time, right?

Thanks Professor Watrall, you had to take this one on on short notice, but you did a great job.  I just hope I finish strong now.