I could never say that one discovery or civilization is more important or more significant than any other one. Every archaeological site has importance to a culture or civilization. Although everyone has their own specific interests in particular groups or places around the world, I could never say one is better than the other. They were all important to someone at one point in history. With this class, we focused on a few sites like Macchu Picchu, the Great Pyramids of Giza, and Great Zimbabwe all of which were great sites. As an anthropology major and Michigan State, I found all of the sites interesting and captivating as an anthropology student and as an explorer at heart. I thought the Great Pyramids of Giza stuck out to me because I was aware of their existence and have seen many pictures of them, but I never knew any Egyptian history that surrounded these astounding architectural structures, but I’ve been curious, but haven’t taken time to actually learn about its history and cultural significance. With the combination of the lectures, readings, and movies on the pyramids, I have learned a great deal about its significance to the Egyptian people economically, socially, and religiously. The pyramids held great importance as symbols, both as of recognition and as passage for the dead to the other world. I just found this archaeological site particularly neat because of how massive the structures are for the time period and lack of technology available. For what they had available they created something to be remembered until the end of human history and become one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. I also found the design of the interior fascinating with the way the burial tombs were created. I believe the whole idea of the pyramids as tombs for Egyptian royalty incredibly fascinating for its cultural, social, and religious implications as a whole for the Egyptian society. These grand examples of architecture really applaud Egypt as a determined civilization in the competitive ancient world.  This advancing society in a desert oasis made its mark on the world today with its pyramids, expanding borders, and ruling pharaohs. Egypt’s history as a whole draws in archaeologists, historians, and tourists alike with its pyramids and rich culture and I find that interesting and all the information we’ve learned from class has made this site exciting and on my list of places to visit.