Bonus Blog

Even before taking this course, I have always been interested in Egypt. Just like the ancient Europeans I have caught a case of Egpytomania. My love of Egypt began when I was still in elementary school, and after the several lectures on the great pyramids my love for the ancient civilization has only increased. Although I already knew a great deal about King Tut, the lay out of the Valley of the Kings was relatively unknown to me. Despite the common knowledge that there were graves there, the idea of the site being a necropolis had never really occurred to me. With the nile acting a divider between the land of the living and the land of the dead, their environment helped strengthen their beliefs. When transporting the dead Pharaoh across the nile, it was as if they were actually delivering the body from the land of the living to the land of the dead. Honestly, it is very easy to see how the people of Egypt continued to believe in their pantheon. The environment around them reassures the beliefs of the people everyday. As the Nile was a divider between the land of the living and the land of the dead, it also shows aspects of both life and death. The river allowed the people of Egypt to evolve in agriculture, but also was full of dangerous animals.

Understanding the purpose behind an archeological site is much more important than the actual discovery. That was the first piece of information that I learned in this course and it is the most important thing that I could’ve taken away from this course. Archeology is about understand past civilizations, not about finding the ruins. With the ancient Egyptians, they did not make these giant crypts to show off how import their rulers were, but rather as a way to allow them an easier path to the after life. The artifacts that were left in the tomb were not there because they belonged to the Pharaoh laying next to them, but because the Pharaoh would need these objects in the afterlife. Even the whole mummification process served a purpose. While finding these great discoveries is exciting and acts as something to show the world, it is the purpose of the discovery that should be looked at and studied. It does not matter if the artifact is as small as a pot, or as large as the pyramids, each piece of history is just as important as the last.