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To talk about Chinese history and archaeology, no one can miss Qing Dynasty. Qing dynasty is the last feudal dynasty in china;s long history.

and everyone has dreamed about the wealth of Qing Emperor.

as we know, the wealth of Emperor goes into them tomb.

Qing history last two hundred sixty eight years. After two centuries and 60 years of plunder, the rulers accumulated endless treasure. The extravagant Empress put a large number of rare treasures to be buried in his own grave after death, and expect to continue to enjoy in another world. Of course, the imperial tomb was fantastic and beautiful, but in fact, it is a evidence  that people suffered a lot brutalizing in the rule of Qing and is also the centralized feudal evil witness.

For the age and location of the mausoleum that had been built, it can be divided into the Early Qing outside the center china, Eastern Qing Tombs and Qingxiling tombs.

so, today post, we will write about eastern Qing tomb.

The Eastern Qing Tombs are an imperial tomb complex of the Qing Dynasty located in Zunhua, 125 kilometers away from Beijing. They are the largest, most complete, and best preserved extant mausoleum complex that are found in China. The tomb of QinShihuang is maybe bigger, but it is still underground. And 5 emperors 15 empresses, 136 imperial concubines, 3 princes, and 2 princesses of the Qing Dynasty were buried here.

November 30, 2000, The Eastern Qing Tombs was added into world cultural heritage list, and UNESCO World Heritage experts said that Eastern Qing Tombs is a masterpiece of human creative genius ”

The Eastern Qing tombs is more famous than other Qing royal tomb is not only because the most famous Qing leader, Emperor Kang Xi, Emperor Qian Long and empress dowager Ci Xi were buried there, but also because the big rob to the tomb of Cixi who are known as most luxurious leader.

the most interesting fact about this is that the tomb of Ci Xi was robbed by government.

Sun DianYing who are one of the army commander in the government. at time time, the milit power means the power on politic. so this guy robbed and clean everything out of the Cixi Tomb.A lot of treasure that no one has ever seen was robbed, including the famous  legendary luminous pearl.

of course, a lot of treasure was broken during the robbing time.

and this is why the tomb of Cixi is four of the tomb which is  now opening to the public.

although it is the sign of criminal feudal time, but as the chinese treasure, i do not hope any other tomb will be destroyed one more time.