Bonus Blog

Over the semester i have throughly enjoyed learning about all of the different cultures we have covered in the last fifteen weeks or so, but i would have to say that the most interesting and captivating for me to learn about would have to be the Mississippians. While they may not be the most important of archeological cultures but i feel that it is considering that i am currently living in the united states. I feel that it is important to north american culture because they were one of first major culture groups to take root in north america and really create a name for them selves. Between the expansive trade routs and the jaw dropping earth works they really knew how to leave their imprint on the land scape of north america. i found this to be the most fascinating part of the year because of a lot of reasons the first is that these structures when looked at dont look like any thing from the out side but when you can get inside one of these mounds the whole appearance of them changes drastically and becomes an unbelievable earth work. i also find it amazing that in the time when they were building the earth works that do not include mounds they were able to build them with strictly basic tools and their own intuition. but when you look down upon them from the sky they look like these beautiful murals crafted into the earth. All while they were un able to see the from the vantage point we are able to see them from now. and the final reason why i find the mississippians so fascinating is the fact that they were able to create a massive and complex trade net work throughout the entire Mississippi valley and reaching out all the way to the rockies. another reason why i feel that it is fascinating to learn about the Mississippians is their idea of the religion the SECC is a very complex idea of religion. the fact that they combined the idea of the supernatural world with the the world they already live in. i also found it interesting that they believed they had a connection between the upper world and the lower world through their world and the fact that they believed that by slaying the great serpent you gain all sorts of natural life benefits and can gain long life and prosperity.