Bonus Blog – Stonehenge

In my opinion, we covered a lot of interesting things in class. But the discovery that stands out the most to me is Stonehenge. Perhaps it’s because it’s one of the few sites that I had heard about before and was really interested in, but it was definitely my favorite to learn about throughout the duration of the course.

One thing that I enjoyed about Stonehenge is that it is surrounded by mystery. There are many different opinions on who built it. Was it Merlin? The Devil? Romans? There are many different theories about the creator of such an impressive site. But it has never been proven so we still don’t know the answer, and perhaps we never will.

Not only is it a mystery of who built the site, but why was the site built? There are theories that it was a place for pilgrimage, a temple for a Roman God, and a significant astronomical grounds, to name a few. But even this is still unclear.

Another aspect of Stonehenge that I enjoyed learning about was how it was split up into three different phases during the building process. There were even sub-phases in some of them. This goes to show that the builders put a lot of time and thought into the site and planned accordingly.

What I didn’t know about Stonehenge before this class is that it isn’t just the standing rock fixtures that pop into everyone’s mind, but it in fact encompasses more. It includes graves and mounds and much more land than you may think at first.

An important lesson that we can take away from Stonehenge is how, sometimes, even archaeologists can’t uncover the mysteries of our past because there isn’t enough evidence. It shows that there are still discoveries left to be made and that, even after all this time, sometimes you may never know.

It’s interesting to think about how Stonehenge is such a well-known structure, and yet, in all actuality, much remains to be known about the reason for its existence. Perhaps this is why it is such a draw, because of the mystery and unknown elements of the site. Perhaps people wouldn’t be as interested if they found out what it was actually made for.

I’ve learned so much about archaeology since taking this class, and it’s been cool to see that archaeologists are still uncovering many sites to this day, and re-visiting old sites.