Final Bonus Blog Post

This question poses for a lot of room for discussion. I don’t think that one specific site that we talked about this semester falls under the category of important, captivating, interesting, and exciting. I feel like one site can be the most important, while a different site captivates my attention, while I find a third site interesting.

I find mounds and earthworks the most interesting because I always thought that these were natural creations. It was hard for me to wrap my mind around it in the beginning. I find it interesting that these were created for religious and ceremonial reasons long with burial and residence for the elite. I think that the fact that grass has grown over many of them makes them look so natural, that then learning that they are man made
The sites I find the most important however are the Great Pyramids. I can’t pick one specific pyramid as more important than the other, but as a whole, they have told us so much about the ancient Egyptians. We know who the Egyptians are, why they built these pyramids, and when they built them. We’ve learned that pyramids are a place of offerings of food and water to the specific King that the pyramid was built for because even a dead king needs them in the afterlife. We know that it took thousands of slaves to construct these pyramids and that they weren’t just built over night; they took years and year to construct. From other pyramids that were discovered, we’ve been able to see that many of the slaves lived in these while they were building the pyramids for their kings. Archeologists know this because they have found rooms and kitchens inside of these pyramids.

Finally throughout the semester I’ve found that Stonehenge is the most captivating site that we’ve learned about. As a child, I learned that it was one of the Seven Wonders of the World; so finally learning about it in class grabs my attention greatly. I love that there is an astrological significance of some sort to Stonehenge and that the Summer and Winter Solstice play an important role. I find it intriguing that the only time you are allowed to touch Stonehenge is during the rave during the Summer Solstice. The last captivating thing about Stonehenge is how we learned about the great detail and time that it took to build it and the many different assumptions of who built it. The idea that the Devil built Stonehenge makes me laugh because it seems like such a far-fetched that it is not a possibility at all. Also, the fact that there are five different phases and time periods that it was created in and took that long to create must mean that there was great importance in its reasons for being built.