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To be serious, i have been loving to post blog. i can learn so much thing while writing historical blog. Of course, history and archaeology is my favorite thing to learn about.

in these posts, all i wrote about are sites from other cities. This time, i would like to write something about a royal tomb in my city which is Beijing, –Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty

The Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty is the Chinese Ming Dynasty emperor’s burial buildings, located in ChangPing District, Beijing . It has 40 square kilometers of the foundation, and it is  about 50 km from the capital. The Tomb was Built since the third emperor of Ming Dynasty of Yongle  until the last Emperor –ChongZhen. It last more than 230 years with a total of 13 Ming emperors buried, 23 Queen, 2 Prince, and more than 30 concubines. It is one of the best preserved and intact imperial tomb in the world.In 2003, The thirteen tomb of Ming dynasty was listed as a World cultural heritage.

There is one interesting fact about the building of this tomb. i think everyone has noticed that the tomb was start build from the third emperor Yong Le instead of Zhu Yuan Zhang who was the fist emperor of Ming Dynasty.Meanwhile,the second emperor of Jian Wen ‘s royal tomb and seventh emperor of Jing Tai’s royal tomb were not built there.

The Ming Dynasty has a total 16 emperor who formally ascended the throne, but the Ming Tombs in Beijing has buried only 13 emperor. The Founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang built the capital in Nanjing in early year and he was buried in Nanjing Zhongshan Tomb ; The second Emperor after Zhu Yuanzhang was the  Emperor of Jian WenZhu. but  his uncle who was the later Yongle Emperor Started the  Battle of JingNan and he succeed grab the capital NanJing at that  time and moved the capital to Beijing. that is why the Ming Tomb was built on Beijing. the end of this story if the disappearance of emperor JianWen, so he did not have any tomb.

The emperor JingTai became a emperor his brother Ming Hidemune lost and captured in the the battle of Fort . The Mongolian release Hidemune  back  to his throne and JingTai was killed, Hidemune does not admit that Jingtai is the emperor, so he was buried in the western suburbs of Beijing Kingsoft Jingtai Mausoleum instead of Ming Tomb.

Although the Ming tomb is famous, but to be so close to it. i have never been there.

i think i will go to have a look this summer and study more details about Ming Dynasty.





Chichen Itza last spring break

I went to Southern Mexico last spring break, including Cancun. And at Cancun,

i took one day trip to Chinchen Itza. I watched the movieDoomsday (2008)》directed by Neil Marshall.

The last scene in the movie is happened in Chichen Itza pyramid, then the planet and humanity was both saved at the end of the world.

So in my In my impression, the Chinchen Itza pyramid is like mystery like Shangri-La. This mystery, however, is mixed with unpredictable unknown, and some kind of smell of evil.

Meanwhile, I had learned from books that there are three famous ancient civilizations in the Americas and the highest achievements of  those will be the Mayan civilization, but also the most mysterious one.

In many Mayan ruins in America continent,Chichen Itza pyramid is one of the well-known one and any books about the Mayan civilization talks about Chichen Itza in details.

Chichen Itza is an ancient Mayan civilization site group, more than 100 kilometers west of Cancun.

The most important building will be Castillo pyramid (also known as Quetzalcoatl pyramid, castle, Mayan pyramid, or pyramid, Mexico), built for the deity of Feathered Serpent.

It located the middle of Chichen Itza . The foundation of the pyramid was a square and four sides rise until the top of the temple like ladder.

I was told there that In the spring and autumn equinox,

when the sun rises, the shadow of the feathered serpent- would be casted on the corner of the building on the northern side of the pyramid ladder and would slide down with the position of the sun in the north.

I am not sure if it does happen, but i did see the photo of this even which is rare, happening many of years!

On the left side of the Castillo pyramid will be Great Ball Court

. It is said that the game can only use elbows, waist, hips or knees to touch the ball

. And to win, you have to make the ball through the seven-meter-high stone ring

.It seems strange that the winner will be worshiped Maybe human sacrifice is an extremely honorable thing may be for them.

There are more beautiful buildings like Temple of the Warriors & Group of a Thousand Columns in the site.

I walked almost two hours and still did not catch up every building in there.

These buildings had been as temples, palaces, stage, market, bath and stadium.

You should have a idea about the size of their city in thousand of years ago!


archaeology and mythology


archaeology and mythology has a lot of contacts in some points.

The story of Noah’s Ark in the Hebrew Bible, Genesis is a a great ship which built in accordance with the instructions of God, described as square vessels. And it was built for Noah and his family, as well as a variety of terrestrial biological creature to be able to escape a big flood disaster, which made by God for some reasons.Noah’s Ark took 120 years to complete in record until this story were recorded in the Hebrew Bible, Genesis , and Islam the Koran”.

Outside the modern religious, people still believe in its authenticity,  but most people do not use it as a historical event occurred. However, in September of 1961 “Life” magazine published a photo which shot by Turkish reconnaissance aircraft at an altitude of ten thousand feet. The figure can be seen in the near Turkey alat Hill where did have a boat-shaped relics. Although further research is needed to know if the photo on the ruins really is Noah’s Ark, however, scientific discovery provides us a clue to think about this myth of authenticity and think about the reasons of the massive floods.

Moreover, many of the myth workscould be affected by archaeological sites as well.

According to the British “Daily Mail” website reported on November 29, the Greek archaeologist has said that an ancient cave is located in the southern part of the country may be “hell ” in ancient Greek mythology.

This cave called A Pucui Pa, located in the the Maina Peninsula Diluo Si Wan with near a full size of four football fields, where there is an underground lake. The caves can be traced back to the Neolithic Age

After decades expedition, archaeologists dig out the tools, pottery, obsidian, silver and copper utensils, and thus there must be hundreds of people liviing the cave before. This conclusion makes A Pucui become Pa hole, Europe is now one of the earliest discovered prehistoric village – but unfortunately, the entrance of the cave collapsed 5,000 years ago, all residents living inside were buried alive.

The archaeologist most significant finding is the cave cemetery and funeral venue. Archaeologists believe that this cave was to describe the the hell in Greek mythology

A archaeologists Gela Ti also said: “As you can imagine the fire here and bonfire, the people here had to die and bury in the cave. Cemetery and funeral really add to this cave hell feel here like hell,”

been Giza once again

History is absolutely my favorite in my life. The first book I read in my life is historical book, called<<the 5000 year history of China>>.so, from that time, I just can not stopping reading historical book and collect as much historical stuff as can which are mostly ancient coin .In my hometown, Beijing, China, has the biggest antique market in my country, maybe in the I usually went there couple times per month to buy some ancient coin or other old stuff. There is usually a sale on Saturdays when all the antique digger and dealer who is actually not doing illegal business come and sale archaeological stuff. You can find great deal in that day often. Through my childhood and teen age, I have been traveling most important archaeological site in china, including the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Great Wall, ZhouKoudian and etc. Although I have been really eager to experience a archaeological trip, but to go such thing is illegal in anywhere. Every year, I have a topic about history to read on. Last year the topic is nomadic empire in Central Asia and Middle East. This year is era after fall of Qing dynasty before 1927 when Chiang Kai-shek unifies china into central government. So the passion of history and archaeology make to choose this course to learn more knowledge
On the today’s lecture, I was just driven back to ancient Egypt immediately. Egypt was the first foreign country I have been to. I went there in the winter vocation of 2008 because I have been truly admiring the one of first civilization in the world. I still can remember clearly the second day after arriving on Cairo when saw the Giza pyramid. It was just gigantic and unbelievable. I was like a piece of sand in front of it. The Great Pyramids of Giza have three different pyramids together and were made for different Pharaohs including Khufu, Khafe, and Menkaure. Khufu pyramid is the biggest and tallest Egyptian pyramid in the world. There was an open area that you can go into the pyramid. Although the pyramid seems unreachable , but when I went inside of the pyramid from the gate (at least the part I went down) is small and even almost can not breath because of it small space and low oxygen concentration. It is just hard to imagine how the worker build such a tremendous building 4500 thousand years ago in the desert.
I think this course will get me a lot of new thing to learn and arose some old memory about archaeology.