Pyramids of Giza

Of all of the sites and discoveries we have discussed in this course, my favorite would have to be the Pyramids of Giza. This being one of the first sites we discussed may have been part of the reason I found it so interesting. Before taking this class, I have heard of only a few of the discoveries and did not know what they were all about, the pyramids being one of them.

I have always had a fascination with Egypt, so exploring the most iconic part of Egypt was somewhat appealing to me. To start, learning about the three main pyramids and the differences between them were very cool. I like to hear the stories that go with the construction of the pyramids, as well. Among other things, I really enjoyed talking about the Sphinx. For so long it has been an image I have known; yet I knew close to nothing about it. I liked hearing about it being built and the significance it carried among the Egyptians. I also thought it was interesting how the dream stele was placed there, and the story behind it. This discovery is so amusing. It is a shame how much destruction it has suffered. From the weathering to the pollution to the nose, it has undergone a lot of stress. The best part though, is that it still looks identifiable.

Lastly, I really enjoyed learning about the Pyramidiots. These theories were so elaborate and ridiculous that they are out of this would (pun intended). To say the least, they were entertaining. The links between the pyramids and Atlantis or aliens are particularly intriguing. Since we do not have a straight answer to how the pyramids were built, it is kind of fun to think of these theories as plausible.

Overall, I thought the Pyramids of Giza were the most intriguing to study. The lectures were engaging and above all else, exciting. The pyramids have such symbolic representations of ancient societies, and it is very interesting to get to unfold that. Hearing about all of the symbolic meanings of the structures and the stories of how they came to be appeals to me. I also think that this discovery is very important because it tells us a lot about the ancient societies. We can draw conclusions on things like how the society worked, in terms of hierarchy, and how the people used their environment. Most importantly, we can understand the context in which the site was built and found.