Week 2 Blog Post

Right now, I work on the running basis that evolution exists. I wouldn’t scream it from the rooftops with full certainty just because when it comes down to it, we don’t really know. It’s a theory – most likely its true, but we’ve been more convinced of false truths in the past for me to be satisfied. That being said I have no innate problem with it, and working under its laws does explain a lot. So, when asked about the relationship between homo sapien and the hominins, taking into account all the reasons people have for proving or debunking this specific portion of evolution, I would be forced to give an equally vague and inconclusive answer.

Without a solid link between species, everything is conjecture when it comes down to it. Scientists can try to prove an answer by comparing anatomy or some such according to their belief but without concrete evidence through finds or experiments the debate will never close.  It seems as though the main piece reason supporting the link between sapien and hominin is that they simply look alike. This is popular, in part because people are by nature curious. They want to know where we came from, they want to know the entire story and the fact is we know so little. We think a lot of things as true but that’s a separate ballpark from knowing. Now, if we look at chimpanzees for example, modern science states that we didn’t actually evolve from them, we just share a common ancestor: which is a definite possibility when it comes to the hominin. The point that I’m trying to get across is this one; we don’t know and in order for me to take one side or the other, as a scientist, I would have to have more information.

The Piltdown man illustrates my point. It represents all of the “invisible” so to speak lobbying going on behind the scenes to support a certain side or advance a certain idea. This is not science. This is radicalism, a drive behind members of the scientific community to propagate their personal ideas and beliefs regardless of fact and at times for political reasons. People like these are shameful imposters of those who pursue knowledge and have no business speaking to the general public on fact and fiction.