Week 2-Early Hominds

Evolution I find the subject fascinating, the arguments pros and cons  thought provoking. The evolutionary question is… did the egg come before the chicken or did the chicken come first? If the egg came first, where did it come from? The Piltdown man found in Sussex England in 1912, later confirmed as a hoax in 1953, follows Charles Darwin’s publication on The Origin of Species, published in 1859. The Science community has long received and used Darwin’s fine work and arguments for natural selection as source material to the ago old question of human ancestors…where did man come from? The Decent of Man was published in 1879, this publication put  apes as a distant ancestor of man and right on the family tree of lineage, as a distant family member of the human family. The bigger question for me is, if man is in fact a decedent  from apes and linked to apes…where did the apes come from? I know, from out of Africa. “Searching for Missing Links” , apes are decedents from their own ancestors and what we’re looking for is a common ancestor.”( Lecture 2, Video, In the Search for the Missing Link, ANP 264)

Fossil findings of early man in Asia, Africa, predate the Piltdown man hoax of 1953. So the Piltdown man, though a hoax in England, the idea of  apes as a distant relative for Homo Sapiens did exist in Africa about 3,000,000 years ago, gives validity to fossil finding tested with DNA testing. Accepting for the moment that evolution is , indeed, fact, what we really know about early Hominid species of apes as ancestors to modern Homo Sapiens(Us), is this is the first ape to walk up right. From Hominid  to the first early Homo Sapiens , the ability to “craft” tools, implies the ability to think and reason. With the brain’s ability to think and reason, there are physical changes in the body, arms got  longer, the legs thinner, brain got bigger. With the brain becoming larger, the ability for communication or language exist.( Film, Becoming Human:Birth of Humanity, ANP264) My opinion of the evidence of these early findings, is directly related to modern Homo Sapiens does connect the two with history. For the sake of argument, the data presented in the Film Becoming Human which support these claims, the use of DNA testing, shows step by step through DNA testing, the specimen bones talk and tell a story that is over millions of years old. Mans lineage is recorded in the bones of apes, that dates back 3,000,000 years. The Piltdown Hoax did a dis-serve to the science community, as well as the population the science community seeks to educate. The Piltdown hoax served to discredit the scientific community for 40 years by not allowing the Scientific approach of investigation and testing to occur.