Week 4 Bog Bodies and The Ice Man

The bog bodies’ mysteries…the grave does not discriminate. Both the bog bodies mysteries and Otzi  the ice man reveal a forensic truth, none of the victims died of natural causes. But, rather met their untimely fate and end by hanging, stabbing, being shot, drowned and or choked to death. Each victim had more than one eye witness to their final gruesome death. All victims were laid to rest in a mass grave site or bog.  It has be dully noted that the facial expression of the victims were serine and the bodies were placed carefully in the grave.( Lecture ANP 264, Week 4) The bog bodies murder victims paid a price with their life…the question now is, at what cost inspirer death by murder? The theories range from punishment for crimes, which is a theory that itself has been killed and laid to rest, too the more popular theory of sacrifice to appease the Gods. The only problem with the ongoing debate for the sacrifice theory is there has been no mention of what god or the religion to whom the god(s) belong to. I think the theory of punishment for crimes of the time may need to be resurrected. “The bog bodies were brutally murdered and disposed of in peat bogs in northern Europe and Britain.” “The full span of death, to date is between 10,000 and 800 years ago.” (Lecture ANP 264, Week 4) Given the location of the bogs and the history of Europe’s and Britain’s penal code for infractions for the time period these individual lived, I believe a “eye for an eye”, was still practiced, where the punishment is doled out to match what the accused is accused of. Debtor’s prison for crimes of debts, were for the times punishable by death, a victim unable to repay his or her debt would be hung until dead. Either the debtor or someone could be taken in his or her place to satisfy the debt. Upon death the bodies were stripped of worldly possession and laid to rest. Covered in a cloak…no one has called the cloak a burial shroud… yet.  http://archaeology.org/1005/bogbodies

The bog bodies’ mystery…the grave does not discriminate and the young die as well as the old.  The peat bogs laid claim to children as young as 14 years old, the “Windeby Girl” who was blind folded and drowned. The Yde Girl, 16 years of age, strangled and stabbed, buried with the rope still around the bodies’ neck.  Elling Woman, death by hanging, age unknown. The most famous is the Tolland Man, between 30-40 years old, hanged. The Bourtanger Men, found side by side, stabbed to death.( Lecture ANP 264 week 4) Violent deaths and the method and means to which each victim met their fate  was not hidden from the grave the cause of death was buried right along with the victims. Strange…all the victims faces hold a peaceful look not consistence with the violent death each received, upon their faces, there is no fear, no anguish…makes you wonder if they didn’t know their killer(s)?

Otzi the ice man is one of the most heavily studied popular ancient human specimens currently,he met his final fate by bleeding out, but that is not what killed him. Found frozen, it was originally believed he died from hypothermia. Before a CAT scan revealed he was shot in the shoulder by an arrow, and the arrow head remained lodged in his body. The  theory that the ice man received this injury in a fight, to which he survive several days before he dropped in the spot where he was found centuries later. Recent updates now have Ortiz death related to a blow to the head.(Huffington Post, Science,6/11/2013) http://archaeology.about.com/od/iterms/qt/iceman.htm.