Week 5 Atlantis

Atlantis… is it a lost city of legend, a lost city of myths, or was it once a very real Greek city as captured and recorded for history by the ancient philosopher Plato? Who… in his written descriptive account of the lost city of Atlantis disappearance was recorded as being claimed by the sea, as it sank to the bottom of the ocean, as a direct result of a natural catastrophic volcano eruption?  With volcano eruption, the earth’s tectonic plates shift and land mass is redistributed both above sea level as well as beneath sea level…so where in the Mediterranean Sea is the lost city of Atlantis, which was once recorded by Plato as being located in the Greek island in the region of Greece? The idea of Atlantis begs the question…if it was once real…so where is Atlantis located now?  Theories of Atlantis reappearance have the lost city of Atlantis reappearing beneath the Caribbean Seas.(Is this the lost city of Atlantis? Grainy images released showing city ) www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Is-lostcityAtlantis-Grainy-images-released-sho…‎

Atlantis…a city of legend and myth has archaeologist reexamining written account of the lost city of Atlantis existence based on Plato’s written account of the Utopian society. “The Atlantis Hypothesis” states the city of Atlantis demise is directly related to its relationship to the Greek God Poseidon, the god of the Sea. “A war of some duration between Atlantis and Athens gave cause for Zeus to punish the civilization by allowing it to fall into decadence. Zeus sent a great earthquake and Atlantis sank beneath the sea.”( Atlantis Rediscovered? – Archaeology – About.com archaeology.about.com › … › Blogs, Podcasts & Videos › Latest Articles

The theory of Atlantis existence and the cities disappearance by sinking to the bottom of the sea  as a result of a of a catastrophic volcano eruption verses the theory of Atlantis existence and the cities disappearance by sinking to the bottom of the sea  as a result of punishment associated with the God Zeus sending an earthquake, does not question the validity of Atlantis existence. But, rather how the city disappeared based on the recorded written account of the city existence and disappearance, as recorded and documented through the written accounts of the city existence by Plato.  The lost city of Atlantis exist in Plato writings and only in Plato’s writings. Why are there no other historical records of Atlantis existence from the same time period in which Plato lived to support his recorded documentation of Atlantis. All historical accounts of Atlantis existence are from  Plato’s writing solely… why? And scientific evidence lies at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.