Week 5 Blog Post – Atlantis

Atlantis has fascinated the hearts and minds of man ever since “egyptomania” swept through the United States. Since then there has been a desperate race to prove the existence of Atlantis by all means, invading every facet of society even down to pop culture. Atlantis, the technologically advanced civilization from thousands of years ago; this is the concept for which every fledgling archaeologist who wants to be the next Indiana Jones and his mother would die for. There are a number of theories that have arisen about the origins of such a civilization. The first theory that differs from that of the video is that of the Temperate Antarctica Theory (http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-theories-about-the-lost-city-of-atlantis.php) which was first propagated by Charles Hapgood and stated that the Earth’s crust may have dramatically shifted some twelve thousand years ago and in the process dragged what was once a much more temperate Antarctica north, causing it to freeze over. However, due to “recent” discoveries the earths crust doesn’t just float on a sea of magma. As such, this theory holds no backing within the scientific community. The second theory I want to call into question is that of the Atlantic Island Theory (http://library.thinkquest.org/25245/atlantology/azores.html). This theory states that Atlantis was indeed an island floating in the Atlantic some ten thousand years ago. This is supported with claimed connections between the way the Gulf Stream runs, north and south around a middle portion of untouched air and the idea that there could have been a small continent there. Apparently it sunk. This has been debunked numerous times as pure conjecture due to the fact that nothing has ever been found in that area to suggest the presence of such a piece of land.