Week 5 – Traveling Atlantis

Atlantis: the most adventurous city to ever be relocated multiple times throughout the world. It really is a traveling city. The video on Atlantis for this week appears to have been aired in 2006 and has somewhat convincing archaeological evidence. However, even after finding something that coincides so well with Plato’s tale, people are still looking for evidence of the fabled city.

Before the documentary came out in 2006, this article from National Geographic describes a theory where there is evidence for Atlantis being based off the island of Ireland. This theory is very vague and unreliable. The story of Atlantis, based from Plato’s work is almost completely discounted as embellishment.  Because there is no possibility of a culture existing that was more advanced than the average city at that time, Plato was obviously exercising his artistic abilities. The only fact remaining to support the theory is that it was a large island.  The theory does not even take into account the possibility of the destruction of the island relating the actual destruction of a real island. Little evidence supports this theory at all.

Moving onto the next article , also mentioned in that first National Geographic article relates to Rainer Kuhne’s belief that evidence of Atlantis in Spain. They state that evidence of Atlantis is buried on the southern tip of Spain.  Originally, photographs showed ringed, geometric shadows of a city’s remains. Newer tests reveal a canal system and communal oven. This is practical evidence, despite only being scans and photographs. It is vague, but plausible considering the working waterways and geometric patterns in Plato’s work. The next claim is harder to support, that some evidence (it leaves that out and I did not see the published findings to elaborate) farther north suggests that refugees settled and built memorial artworks. Considering that there appears to only be superficial work at the main site, how can there be commemorative artwork? They may be settlers from the original city, not just refugees. Further research must be done to even consider that it is Atlantis. Another article berates the study for embellishing evidence and prematurely filming a documentary with the elaborated data.

What is this search for Atlantis? It seems reminiscent of Indiana Jones; everyone wants the credit for finding the ‘magnificent’ city of Plato’s story and is willing to bend facts and use limited evidence to make the ‘find’. It is a game, not research.



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