Week 6 – STEM in Mesoamerica

If I could imagine life without wheels,, well I’d probably not be in taking this course at MSU. I’d still be in Minnesota. The Mesoamerican empires had technologies that seemed so advanced for his time that I sometimes have a hard time believing that the existed.

For the Aztecs, one of the most interesting architectural inventions was the canal city of Tenochtitlan. Venice, the city that is most associated with canals, created a method of quick travel by using the water from the Mediterranean Sea. This efficient use of the environment was utilized in the same way by the Aztecs. This allowed them to live in the lake that they were banished too and still lead an incredibly effective and non restrictive life. Living on the island could have ruined transportation without the invention of watercraft and other ways to leave it.

The Mayan empire created one of the first calendars, one of their most infamous inventions, especially today. The, what I like to call, wheely calendar was so effective that it was able to accurately predict specific farming and harvest dates so effectively that it must have aided their food uptake tremendously. It is interesting, however, that on a continent where the wheel was not created yet, that a calendar that uses concentric circles did not spark someones imagination to create a wheel for other uses.

Finally, the road system of the Incan Empire had to have been an major relief to many people of that area. The Incan Empire is situated mainly in the mountains in Chile and Peru and then extends farther eastward, through more mountains and to the plains of the other side. By creating roads, the people of the empire were now able to travel much further distances than previous. Without them, the population would have to walk through the mountains, a much more dangerous path than following a flatter road straight through them. This also allowed other villages to come into the empire and to their main cities, further influencing trade and boosting the economy.

The proof that these inventions existed is really undeniable so I don’t know why I had trouble believing them. How can you deny the creation of roads when there still are roads leading to Chichen Itza?