Week 3 Schedule


90 Percent of Human History – Hunting, Gathering and Foraging

Week 3 | Lectures:

  • Lecture 1: Neanderthals and Humans [watch]
  • Lecture 2: Glaciers and Big Game Hunters in the Old World [watch]
  • Lecture 3: Cave Art and Sculpture in Ice Age Europe [watch]
  • Lecture 4: Becoming Human Part 3 [watch]

Week 3 | Videos:

Week 3 | Web Readings:

Week 3 | Blog:
In thinking about the topic of rock art there are a lot of theories as to why it came to be, but an important aspect of this is also the skill of the artists.  Given the attention to detail of many of the paintings, write your blog in 300 to 400 words discussing your views on the various theories, but also discuss your views on the cognitive and perceptual skills of the artists who produced the first art with a skill to rival da Vinci.  What has to be going on in the brain for people to be able to render something that they see in the three dimensional world into something two dimensional?


Week 3 | Blog Response:

In 250 to 300 words comment on someone else’s blog assignment using the reply function.   You must choose someone different from who you commented on last time, and try not to comment on a post someone else has commented on.

Week 3 | Comprehensive Essay

For this week’s three to five page essay, write about a day in the life of a Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherer group in Europe.  Focus on all aspects of daily life including:

  • Hunting and gathering activities and associated technologies
  • Tool making
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Food preparation
  • Household layouts
  • Gender differences (you are strongly encouraged to search the web for additional material on gender differences among Paleolithic hunter-gatherers)
  • Religious practices

Cite evidence from the various archaeological sites to support your statements regarding the behaviors you identify.

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