Week 5 Schedule

The Rise of Civilization in the Old World

Week 5 | Lectures:

  • Lecture 1: What is a State [watch]
  • Lecture 2: The Cradle of Civilization [watch]
  • Lecture 3: The Dynasties of Egypt [watch]
  • Lecture 4: From Atlantis to Rome [watch]

Week 5 | Videos:

Recommended video:

Week 5 | Blog:

For this weeks blog, in 300 to 400 words, take a look on the web and find a couple of other sites that use archaeological evidence to to support claims that Atlantis really existed.  These sites cannot have the same theory and evidence as this weeks video, Lost Worlds: Atlantis. Once you have found the sites, which you need to cite in your blog (see the assignments and grading page for formatting requirements), compare the theories to each other and argue why NONE of them are convincing.  Make your weblinks active using the insert edit link tool so your commenter can check your site. Your argument should be logical and based on the rigors of scientific debate.

Week 5 | Blog response:

For this weeks response, in 250 to 300 words, pick a person that you have not commented on before and argue FOR one of the theories that they discuss and point out any flaws that you see in their arguments.  Make sure your comments are professional and constructive! Make sure to take the time to look at the web pages that they use for their arguments.

Week 5 | Comprehensive Essay:

For this weeks 3 to 5 page comprehensive essay. reflect on the theories for the formation of states presented in lecture 1.  Apply those theories to the various states that are discussed in the subsequent lectures (i.e. you don’t need to address the states in lecture one) and videos.  Which one(s) do you believe apply to which states and why? Make sure to cite archaeological evidence and do a little extra web research on states like Petra and the Chinese states to provide extra support for your arguments.  Also, make sure to follow the formatting requirements for essays (see assignments and grading for essay requirements).  A few folks have been using the wrong fonts and haven’t proofed their essays thoroughly before submitting.  Points are lost for those errors.

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