Week 6 Schedule

Empires of the New World

Week 6 | Lectures:

  • Lecture 1: The Mesoamerican Fluorescence [watch]
  • Lecture 2: Temples of the Aztec and Maya [watch]
  • Lecture 3: Coastal Kingdoms of South America [watch]
  • Lecture 4: Incan Roads and Cities in the Clouds [watch]

Week 6 | Videos:

Recommended Videos (you can use these for you final project since they are short) :

Week 6 | Blog:

For this week’s 300 to 400 word blog assignment, tackle the issue of math, science and technology.  On two continents where the wheel wasn’t invented, you have some of the most amazing architectural, structural and mathematical  achievements  represented by the Aztec, Inca, and Mayan civilizations. Pick and discuss one  achievement  from each in terms of what it allowed the people of that civilization to do.  Keep in mind that you do not comment on any religious aspects of these acheivements as they are part of the blog response for this week. Make sure to check the right category for the blog: Week 6.  Also make sure to publish your blog.

Week 6 | Blog Response

For this weeks 250 to 300 word blog response, identify how one of the achievements of the person you are commenting on is reflected in religious life of the civilization it is from.  Be as detailed as you can within the word limit.

Week 6 Comprehensive Essay:

For this weeks 3 to 5 page comprehensive essay. return to the topic of the formation of states from last week (lecture 5:1).  Once again, apply those theories to the various states that are discussed in this weeks lectures and videos.  Particular focus should be given to the earlier state level societies such as the Moche, Nazca,  and Olmec.  Which one(s) do you believe apply to which states and why? Make sure to cite archaeological evidence and do a little extra web research as needed.

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