Week 7 Schedule (note the abbreviated deadlines!)

Great Discoveries Closer to Home

Week 7 | Lectures:

  • Lecture 1: Peopling of the New World and Australia [watch]
  • Lecture 2: Buffalo Hunters of the Plains [watch]
  • Lecture 3: Moundbuilders of the East [watch]
  • Lecture 4 Pueblo and Cliffdwellers of the Southwest [watch]

Week 7 | Videos:

Week 7 | Blog: (Due by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, August 13th) 

We have covered the topic of migration and hunting patterns among hunters and gatherers, so we will not look at them here.  Instead, we will look at the the southwest, and the southeast where we have some of the most complex developments in North America.  As with the blog from last week focus on the technology and science (including architecture and agriculture) at play here.  Many people have argued that some of the developments found in North America were ideas diffused from Mesoamerica.  In 300 to 400 words identify similarities in the southwest and the southeast (and Cahokia) with developments in Mesoamerica.  Look back to some of the earliest societies like the Olmec and the site of La Venta for some possible connections, as well as later societies like the Aztec.  Do a bit of web research on trade and exchange between the southwest and Mesoamerica, too.

Week 7 | Blog Response: (Due by ll:50 PM on Thursday, August 15th)

In your 350-300 word  response this week.  Take the opposing side to someone’s argument for a connection.  Argue that there is not one and come up with theories and evidence as to why developments in the southeast and southwest could have happened independent from influence from Mesoamerica.  After all, agriculture and complex societies all arose independently around the world, why not here?

Week 7 | Comprehensive Essay: 

Because of the final project, there is no comprehensive essay for the week.  You each will receive full points for this week’s essay to count towards your final grade.

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