Final Project Information–Deon Claiborne

Final Project Description:
The objective of this course has been to analyze how gender intersects with cultural models of medicine, sickness, health and the human body across the world. The Western, biomedical model has been placed alongside other models of health (such as Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine from India). As well, you have learned about different gendered health issues from an evolutionary, critical, interpretive, and feminist anthropological theoretical perspective.

In your final blog post, you will use one of the five theoretical models which you learned about in Week One to critically investigate the health topic and country you have chosen and delve more deeply into the social, cultural, political (including global politics), and economic determinants of the particular health issue you have chosen. Cite any sources that you use with the author,the title of the source, the date, pages, and, if a website, the link.

So, for example, perhaps you want to examine the effects of educating girls in reducing infant mortality in Senegal, you will create an final post (with the sources cited) on the effects of educating girls in reducing infant mortality in Senegal. You might identify the cultural determinants that impede educating girls, such as, for example, the emphasis a family puts on educating boys over girls. You might use a feminist theory approach to critique this emphasis on boy babies over girls and how this emphasis leads to a higher infant mortality rate. The last week, you would post only a final blog post.

Foundational Sources and other resources:
World Health Organization
UN Women
UN Millennium Development Goals 2015 Final Report (due out on July 6, 2015)
Google Scholar
MSU Library and MSU Librarian Live Chat/Email Service

Final Post Grading Rubric
Your essay must include these items to receive full points:

• It must be between 2000 and 3000 words. 5 points
• You must clearly identify your health topic, your country, the social, political, economic, or cultural determinants that influence your health topic and the anthropological theory from Week One’s Lectures and Readings that you will be using in the introductory paragraph of your post. Your post must have an introduction and a conclusion. 10 points
• You must use at least four sources as support for your health issue and three sources as support for your anthropological theory (seven in total). You may use any of the sources from over the course of the class that might apply. At least four of the seven sources must be reputable academic sources. 5 points
• You must cite your sources in the body of your post using the author’s name and date, such as: (Claiborne 2015) anytime you introduce new information from a source. You must list your sources: Author Last Name, First Name. (Date of publication). Title of source. Pages. Website if applicable. 5 points
• You must use the anthropological theory you select to explain, from an anthropological perspective, the causes of the health issue OR the solution to the health issue you are studying in your country. So, for example, one might use a feminist anthropological theory to explain an increase in violence against women on college campuses in the United States. 10 points

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