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Although the transitioning of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner has been in the news constantly for a while now, to be honest I haven’t caught up with it much, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity become more educated on the situation. Over the last few months, I have heard all types of talk about Caitlyn Jenner.  How could he receive certain bravery awards over people who have fought for our country and actually deserve it? or Caitlyn Jenner is so brave, it takes a lot to truly identify with herself, especially when she’s in the public eye. I don’t have an extreme opinion on the matter like some people do, but seeing a situation like this blow up in the media and be so significant is very interesting to me. I can admit I was genuinely surprised when I saw how positively some people responded to the whole situation. Years ago, I’m positive if someone in the public eye were to make such a decision, they would not be glorified or respected for it whatsoever.  Although there is still plenty of ridicule taking place now towards Caitlyn Jenner, if this occurred about 10 or 20 years ago there would have been significantly more ridicule. However, I feel as though being in the public eye may have eased the pain a little bit, because although he has many people against him, there are many people supporting him and who can relate to him as well. This experience is not always as easy for normal, non celebrities because they aren’t always blessed enough to have that support system. Often times, their families are not supportive of their decision and they aren’t able to be as confident about it as celebrities. Now that Caitlyn Jenner has come out with his decision, I feel it has completely opened a new pathway for numerous people to do the same. Now that someone who is well-known has decided to be transgender, they will feel less pressure, and when they share their decision with other people, those people may be more receptive, or at least not as shocked as they would have been prior to this media blow up of Caitlyn.

Regarding intersectionality, I think the part of Cailtyn Jenner’s story that was the most interesting to me is that she was known all of her life for being a strong, masculine athlete and his identity was very much rooted in that. Everyone knew him as someone manly and that is the image he identified with until now. In his interview with Diane Sawyer, he explained that although he was this masculine athlete, his soul was more feminine than masculine. Since he was a child, he had issues identifying with his gender. The interesting part to me was the interconnectedness of his profession and what he made his living and built his legacy off of, and his inner soul and how he actually felt about himself inside. They were very different from each other, yet overlapped in his life. He mentioned the story of when he was a child and put on a dress for the first time and how good he felt about it. However, he would make sure to put the dress back in the same spot so he wouldn’t get caught. This part shows that because he was a boy, even though he was so young, he knew that boys weren’t supposed to wear dresses. At such a young age, he knew the social norms of each gender. This shows that back then, if he were to even bring up the fact that he liked to wear dresses or enjoyed feminine things more than masculine ones, his family would not have accepted it, so he put the dresses back to leave them without a trace. I remember him saying, “I don’t know what I was doing, but whatever it was, it felt right.”. It is hard for me to completely understand his perspective but it is interesting that he put it this way. Overall, getting to research this topic showed me that there is a lot of interconnectedness in society today, especially with Caitlyn Jenner.




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4 thoughts on “Blog Post 5 – Caitlyn Jenner – Sincie Chacko

  1. First, make sure to mind your pronouns when talking about trans individuals! It happens all the time but I think in calling someone by a pronoun they don’t subscribe to, a sense of their identity is taken from them. And for transgender individuals, the importance of noting the pronoun is all the more important.
    Also, I would agree that it is interesting how big of a deal Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation was for the media. The Vogue video at points for me was laughable. I think on one hand that it is great – like you said, it is fantastic that we live in a time where this sort of thing can happen and be accepted. On the other hand, I find it frustrating because trans individuals are not monolithic. For one, they are not all transitioning male to female and they are not all white. I think that a sliver of the reason why Caitlyn Jenner was able to make a big scene is due to the fact that she fits the “right” picture of a transgender.

  2. Sincie, I do agree that Caitlyn being so much in the public eye was a positive, while still difficult situation for her to find herself in. It was clear from the video that Caitlyn finds herself needing to “fit the part” and truly embrace herself in a beautiful way , and dress and accessorize herself as a glamorous and beautiful woman. It became clear that Caitlyn feels a sort of scrutiny that most of us wouldn’t have quite the same burden of having during a difficult and emotional time such as this. Still, I think she does realize the magnitude of her story, and is an amazing role model for transgender individuals yet to fully embrace who they are, or publicly enjoy their true selves.

  3. I was interested in what you had to say from a perspective from someone who has not been following the story as closely as I have. I really find the almost indifference to the situation on your part refreshing. I find when speaking with people on the topic people are quick to spout off in extremes either one way or the other; the emotion’s override the actual viewpoints. As for his perspective I honestly think it could be as simple as you yourself putting on the opposite sex’s clothing and looking in a mirror, understanding how unnatural to you it feels. It is hard to understand until you try it I think. Focusing on his statements of understanding that he liked putting the dress on but somehow knew it was not okay really makes me wonder if he showed signs in his childhood. His mother has mentioned dressing him for school was impossible and he always threw tantrums when having to try on new clothes. She believed he just was an unruly child but could this be us missing the signs? Do we take away to much from the child’s own ability to know what they want? Language is learned for much later than the actual mind. As for the positive response, I question if even though the support appears there if it is support that fully understands what it is in fact supporting.

  4. I found it very interesting that you had said that you hadn’t caught up much in the topic of Caitlyn Jenner because I have heard from many family members that they have felt as is transgender individuals are throwing it in everyones faces and being over the top about it. One family member actually said that she should do it privately and keep it to herself. I feel like that is not what todays society should do. I also like that you admit that while you do not completely understand this perspective, you enjoyed learning more about it. I also appreciate your comment of the stark contrast of her life as an athlete, and her transition into a female. How hard would this transition be especially being in the spot light?

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