Activity Post 7 – Sarah Wagner

When I enrolled in this class I was interested in seeing a concentration in what a woman’s life and health is like in multiple types of cultures in the world and this class covered that.  For instance when there was the week about a woman giving birth at home and the roles of a midwife.  Home births are rare in the States and midwives aren’t that common in this day.  This class was helpful to look at this and other topics in an anthropological viewpoint rather than egocentric.

I enjoyed reading other students’ blogs.  Honestly, if commenting wasn’t one of the weekly assignments I’m not sure I’d read very many of them.  In most other classes that I’ve taken assignments are submitted for only the grader to read.  It was interesting to see how the other students viewed the topics and what details were more significant to them compared to how I perceived them.  The blog topics we were given were very interesting like the rituals we think are important in the U.S. and “belonging-liminality-belonging” and applying intersectionality towards Caitlyn Jenner and Rachelle Dolezal.

The workload and the grading of “all-or-nothing” is a bit much for a 200-level course.  I really don’t have much skill when it comes to writing and take more time when it comes to studying, but three assignments with their required word length is kinda a lot when it comes to a weekly basis.  The “all-or-nothing” grading does motivate to put in a good job, but we should still get credit for at least some of the work.

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