Activity 7 – ANP 270 Reflection – Titilope Oladipo

Over such a small period of time, I have learned a great deal from this course alone. Some of my top highlights are learning about some of the different customs and rites of passages around the world, and discovering the reasons behind the importance of these traditions. To understand some of this course, it really did require putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and keeping an open mind. Also, it required us to stop regarding our social customs as the norm for everybody. Although throughout my life I’ve found it fairly easy to be able to step out of my way of thinking and find ways to identify with others, there were definitely moments in the class where doing so was a bit harder, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to challenge myself. I also enjoyed the supplementary information given to us to understand each week’s content even more. Having films, YouTube clips, stories, and news reports to read kept things interesting outside just being directly lectured to, and gave us ways to find correlations between the information learned in class and events taking place in today’s society. Lastly, I would have to admit that I really enjoyed having a personal research assignment to work out throughout the course. It allowed me to go into depth about a country that truly matters to me and about a topic that I haven’t had a lot of previous knowledge about. I did feel the workload was pretty heavy for a 200 level class, but regardless the course was a very enjoyable and intellectually stimulating one.

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