Activity Post 7: ANP Class Reflection – Victoria Stafford

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this class and the material presented. Before ANP 270, I was completely unfamiliar with Word Press, but was impressed by how easy to navigate it was due to the layout and blog system. I felt as though the weekly assignments were an appropriate amount of work for a three-credit class, having an activity post, a blog post, and a comment each at the specific word lengths. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the topics we discussed each week. As the weeks went by, I appreciated the topics being issues that were current events, as well as global issues outside of the United States, forcing us to learn more about cultures around us, something I think is vitally important. I think part of the reason I liked the topics so much was because they were so easily relatable as a woman, and also were easier to put into perspective what other women go through all over the world, both similarly and differently than here in the United States. I think a strong point of the class material was choosing a country and sticking with it to research different aspects of it during the 7 week time period, and I now feel like I gained true knowledge on these subjects, rather than just memorizing things or going through the motions. The videos were great, offering a good balance between watching, reading, and writing. As for future classes, I don’t have many ideas or suggestions on how to improve the class. I really enjoyed it and learned easily, and feel as though Professor Claiborne was very willing to help us do well. I would recommend the class to any of my friends looking for a well thought out and thought provoking class.

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