Activity 7 – A Little Reflection – Stephanie Burnham

The main bit of knowledge that I will take away from this course is a strong understanding of America’s biomedical system. This system is full of strengths and very apparent weaknesses and after taking this class I feel that  I entirely more prepared to actually have an opinion on the medical system in the United States. Also, we clearly learned quite a bit about global health and the state of women’s health globally. I feel that studying practices such as midwifery has been one of the most interesting, especially since it spans across various cultures and countries – the United States has just made a point to say that it is terribly unsafe because we believe in a heavily medicalized system of health.

The strongest characteristic about this class and how it was run was the “handsfree” learning. I found it very beneficial to watch the lectures and supplementary materials and then respond to several open-ended questions. I feel that this approach to learning the material forced me to truly try to break down and understand the material because I had to write so many words on it.

I also particularly liked that from week to week we had a specific post about our country of choice. I felt that I was prepared for the large, final post at the end because I had gathered sources and materials for this post throughout the semester. Also, by allowing us to choose a country, I feel that this was a way for us to really take the material we learned and put it into action. I feel that it was a successful final project for bringing all the piece of the class together.

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