Activity 7- Reflection– Heba Malik

This class opened my eyes to the many issues that plague women in various parts of the country, most of with which I had not been familiar. The country I chose to explore was Guinea and I loved learning about how the culture impacts the way women are treated in the third-world society. As it is lacking in many of the things we take for granted in the United States, like clean water and sanitation, diseases are very tough to control. This allowed for the proliferation of a new strain of the Ebola Virus, EBOV, and it provided evidence for a need of reformation in the country, with respect to health and sanitation. I loved becoming familiar with the unfortunate circumstances that women face every day in these parts of the world, like FGM, violence, rape, and other horrific acts. I did not know such actions were so common and seen as part of the culture, in some instances, and I am glad to know now that I can hold a knowledgeable conversation with those who are not as privileged as me to have taken this informative class. Additionally, I loved that the whole class was based on writing. Writing is very intimate, and forces the writer to think and analyze, as opposed to question based tests in which one must simply know if an answer is correct or incorrect. In situations like those relating to women’s issues, there are many confounding variables, which prevents one from attributing such a simple label as right or wrong. There are grey areas, which we must make our own opinions about, and this class has given me the opportunity to appreciate truly this concept.

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