FAQS and Other Important Issues

Hi everyone,
So far there have been few glitches. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that everything continues this way. I will continue to update the issues here. Here are some things to pay attention to and an update:
1. There are going to be some people in the class with the same first name, so for ease of identifying who wrote what, please use this format: Act. 1.1 [Country name in this instance]–[your full name next]. Example: Act. 1.1 Costa Rica–Deon Claiborne
The same format should be used for Blog posts (WP 1 Biomedicine — Deon Claiborne) and comments (if you can’t put a title in your comment, then “sign” your comment. Any questions, comment below.

2. You can find the log in information for the videos on the D2L course site under “news” off to the right of the main frame.

3. In the “About” section of the blog, some new information about open access and creative commons has been added. I suggest you take time to read it so that you know how these themes affect what you post.

4. Post here in the blog if you have any issues regarding the course content or technical issues. Email is best used for emergencies or not being able to access the blog.

5. A couple of other things: some people wrote to say that they can’t see the course on D2L. I think I fixed that and everyone should be able to see it now.

6. If you have taken an online class on the wordpress platform before, then you have a username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password or username, go to this link to try to solve the problem: https://en.support.wordpress.com/passwords/

7. Regarding the reading labeled “Gawande — Complications” There are some pages missing in Part I from page 22-35. I’m am trying to figure out how to solve it now. I’ll post a result when I get that sorted out. Regardless, I think you can get the main points from what is there. Also, there is, in another section by Rothman, about a page and a half to read. In yet another section by Groopman, please read the whole thing. I apologize for the confusion. Unfortunately, I haven’t had control over the posting of some of the readings.

Enjoy the week.